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December 26, 2013

SDES celebrates holidays

By Amanda Browning Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — WESTPORT – South Decatur Elementary School (SDES) celebrated the holidays Friday by having a school-wide sing along before dismissing for individual class parties.

No school full of children is short on Christmas spirit, but SDES had it in spades Friday afternoon as the entire school gathered in the gymnasium for a traditional Christmas carol sing along. SDES music teacher Karen Meeker started the event by explaining that singing Christmas songs around the tree was always a family tradition in her home growing up and one she continued with her students.

Numerous songs were sung by the school, many of which the students performed at the school’s annual Christmas concert. While the lyrics were fresh in most students’ minds, a projector was set up for those who may be a bit rusty on the words. The projector was run by two SDES students.

Each grade performed a song or two alone, but it was the multi-grade and whole-school numbers that seemed to bring forth the most smiles, as well as a huge wave of sound. One should never underestimate the vocal power of a school full of children.

When the last song had been sung, SDES principal Kara Holdsworth continued a holiday tradition of her own by reading the Christmas story to the school. She encouraged students to find one thing at home that really brought out the holiday cheer in them and to continue it as their own holiday tradition.

Students were then released for individual class parties, which included snacks, games and gift exchanges. The Daily News visited many of the classes to see firsthand how the students of SDES celebrated Christmas.

Ornament crafts, snacks and a wide variety of games were interspersed with gift exchanges that brought squeals of glee and bouts of laughter. Students appeared to be having a grand time as they enjoyed the last few minutes of the year at school before break.

The parties lasted until the end of the day, when students took home their holiday treats and prepared for a blissful two week break from school where they could spend time with family and celebrate Christmas.

If the excitement on the students’ faces was any indication, this should be a wonderful Christmas for the students of SDES.

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