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January 11, 2014

Local animals faring well during cold weather

By Amanda Browning Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG – While some other areas of the state are reporting animals being left out in the extreme cold, the Greensburg-Decatur County Animal Shelter said no such activity is taking place in the Tree City.

Shelter Manager Laura Johnston told the Daily News that the shelter always encourages people to report suspected cases of animal abuse or neglect. However, Johnston said when the cases are investigated, the situation isn’t always as it seemed and often isn’t neglect.

That appears to be the case this winter. Johnston said there were three reports of animals being left out in the cold without shelter, but when investigated by Animal Control Officer Mike Wenning, it was discovered that the animals were only let out temporarily. There were also some reports that pet owners didn’t have bedding in pet shelters, but there were no confirmed cases of animals being left outside with no form of shelter.

Johnston said each year the animal shelter receives a variety of calls of suspected neglect, even in a normal winter without subzero temperatures. She added that, to the shelter’s knowledge, no animals in Decatur County froze to death during the recent temperature dive below zero.

However, the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department did notify the animal shelter about a stray shepherd puppy that had been dropped off at the Westport kennel. Animal Control Officer Mike Wenning retrieved the animal and brought it back to the shelter. The lucky puppy has since been adopted and is now part of a loving, permanent home.

There are a variety of other animals available for adoption at the Greensburg-Decatur County Animal Shelter. Cats are adoptable for a fee of $75 and dogs for $100. The adoption fee covers either spaying or neutering, treatment for parasites and vaccinations. A list of adoptable animals is available at the shelter’s website.

As always, residents are encouraged to report suspected abuse or neglect. The shelter is located at 1635 West Park Road and can be contacted at 812-663-9081 or

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