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December 27, 2012

Highway Department making progress in clearing snow

Brent Brown
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — Decatur County Highway Superintendent Mark Mohr told the Daily News his department has deployed 16 different vehicles aimed at clearing county roadways of Wednesday’s significant snowfall.

The vehicles took to the roads Wednesday evening and throughout the day Thursday, intending to reach every road in the county, according to Mohr.

The highway superintendent said his department used more salt and sand following Wednesday’s winter storm than they did all of last winter. Mohr recalled that the previous winter season was “very, very mild,” but said the only true cure for the roads’ present collective condition is warmer weather.

In the meantime, crews are doing all they can to alleviate the problem.

Mohr stated his belief that a majority of roads throughout the county are passable, though some more hospitable than others.

Flat areas where the wind can easily blow snow into the roadways has proven to be the biggest problem for snow removal crews presently attempting to make the best use of their resources.

Mohr said the effort is time consuming, but he remained optimistic that a vast majority of, if not all, county roads would be at least somewhat passable by the end of the work day Thursday.

The highway superintendent also offered thanks to the many community members who have done their part to help clear the snow.

“There are a lot of citizens who have given us a lot of help,” said Mohr.

With the county under an “Orange” or “Watch” travel status Thursday, motorists may return to the roadways.

If choosing to travel, Mohr urged drivers to use good judgment.

“Be cautious, drive safely, go slow,” said Mohr. “Just be careful and understand that when it gets cold at night, you’re gonna have some black ice in places. Drive defensively and be careful.”

City of Greensburg Street Department Commissioner Mark Klosterkemper could not be reached for comment Thursday.

City road crews had made significant headway in clearing most of the main roads in Greensburg by press time Thursday evening. Some side streets remained slick and icy, while large piles of snow sat at the sides of many city streets much as it did in rural areas.

Mark Mohr summed up the present conditions rather succinctly: “The bottom line in this whole thing is it’s winter and it’s Indiana,” he said.

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