Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

November 20, 2012

Road repairs finished, East Street to be closed

Tess Rowing
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — Road resurfacing which had been penciled in to Mayor Gary Herbert’s agenda since January has been completed, though Barachel Lane has recently seen a slight “bump” in its current repair project.

Barachel Lane, located between Broadway and Lincoln, next to the A&W, has recently been closed for construction on an S-curve which had proven to be a safety hazard.

While working on the road, storm drainage pipes which were not known to be present were found, which will result in East Street being shut down in order to work around the pipes.

The regularly scheduled resurfacing repairs on parts of road which show deterioration have been finished. According to street department commissioner, Mark Klosterkemper, the repairs were started Saturday, and finished by Monday, so as not to impact business traffic.

There are no further precautions being implemented in preparation for the expected harsh winter. Flaggers will be outside in case the roads need closed for harsh weather of course, said city engineer Gary Murray, otherwise the Street Department will carry on as normal.

The only other project which may be a hindrance to traffic is not yet scheduled, but will take place on Vandalia Road off of Highway 421.

Klosterkemper said there was about a 75 percent surplus of de-icing material left over from last winter. The city’s vendor of de-icing materials has arranged to store the material in preparation for this  winter.

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