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November 20, 2012

RAW contestants reach semi-finals

Tess Rowing
Greensburg Daily News

Indianapolis — Decatur County natives Catie Farrell (North Decatur High School) and Deidra McKenzie (Greensburg High School), reached the semi-finals in the global art competition RAWards recently.

And although the pair came short of the finals, they did come in second place in the photography segment of the competition.

The winner was Melody Ramey, whose display was a type of mobile which showcased her photos around a back light.

Public votes counted for 50 percent of the final score. Various judges observed the crowd’s reactions to displays and quality of displays throughout Bartinis.

Displays, Catie Ferrell learned, were extremely important, “Go big or go home,” she said.

Ferrell and McKenzie showed their photography on two doors, decorated with a small black chandelier. Catie had wanted to do something easy, but Deidra insisted on preparing something a bit more elaborate.

“I think that’s why Deidra and I make such a pair,” said Catie, “Because we push each other to do things we wouldn’t normally.”

Catie described Deidra and herself in Bartinis with power tools making a racket while the display was set up. In the end, Catie is glad they didn’t take the easy route.

Catie said she and Deidra were happy for Ramey, and that they can’t take anything personally, “It’s important to be supportive of other artists,” Catie said, and added that it was great to see other people succeed.

The RAW show allowed for Catie and Deidra to do some networking, and as members of RAW, they are able to participate next year. The two women also hope to participate in other shows as shows come to their attention.

Catie also expressed that being part of the art show inspired her and Deidra’s competitive and creative spirits, “If we couldn’t see other people’s work we wouldn’t be so creative.”

“Don’t be intimidated,” said Catie, “Be who you are. That was a good learning experience.”

Catie and Deidra sold the most tickets to the show, and won a sizeable bar tab for their efforts.

Catie said they were surprised and grateful for all the support they’ve received from family and friends.

The two young women plan to soon open a studio of their own.

The optimistic date for that venture is by Dec. The name of their studio will True Expressions Photography, and they will be located at 1013 W. Main Street, Suite 1. More information about RAW can be found at

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