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March 22, 2014

Young filmmaker returns for 'B-roll' shoot

By Rob Cox Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG — Filmmaker John Lerchen returned to the scene of his first feature film on Friday, spending the day in the Tree City to shoot “B-roll film” for his independent movie “Dearest Jane.”

B-roll, Lerchen explained, include shots of scenery and buildings to be used in the finished film to transition between cuts; certain shots will also be used as part of the film’s DVD menus. Lerchen and his B-roll director of photography, Ryan Kerr, spent the day taking shots of Greensburg businesses, schools and country-sides.

The B-roll filming mark the final time Lerchen will visit the Tree City to shoot footage. He shot a great deal of the film’s principal photography here from Aug. 9 to 13, telling the Daily News at the time that he’d managed to recruit significantly more volunteers to serve as extras than he needed.

We have about 150 extras,” he said in August. “That’s more than enough, so we’re not accepting anymore. We’ll struggle to find places to put them all. Originally, we only needed about 110. I’ve never had so many to work with.”

He looks forward to eventually returning to Greensburg with the finished film in hand. First, however, “Dearest Jane” will world premiere at a major film festival; the young director is targeting the 2015 South by Southwest Film Festival in Austen, Texas, and hopes to have post-production completed in “three or four months.”

The family-friendly film revolves around 18-year-old Jane, a high school senior sent to live with an uncle by her divorcing parents. In her new town, she meets a boy in high school and falls in love. Color serves an integral part in telling the story, Lerchen explained (for more information, see the film’s IMDB page at:

Asked for his thoughts on returning to the site of his first feature-length film shoot, Lerchen replied, “I’m really excited to be back. It’s bringing back a ton of memories; it’s motivating me to get this film done as fast as I can. I’m really excited for the opportunity to show off this town to the world through my film.”

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