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October 12, 2013

Indiana victims of domestic violence remembered in display at courthouse

By Rob Cox Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG — According to documents from New Directions Domestic Abuse Services Center, Between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013, 58 Hoosiers died in domestic violence incidents.

Those incidents occurred across a total of 23 Indiana counties and involved both male and female victims.

Although Decatur County suffered no fatalities due domestic violence in the one-year period, Diane Moore, executive director of New Directions, said domestic abuse and violence are still a very real problems here; the struggle against them goes on. Fifty-eight fatalities, regardless of county, she added, are far too many.

“There were several homicide/suicide combinations,” Moore said. “Of the 58 victims, two were children (a six-year-old old female and a 14-year-old male), 30 were adult females, and 26 were adult males. The victims ranged in age from six to 66.”

Earlier this week, in remembrance of those victims, Moore and other New Directions staff set up a display on the courthouse law, with an oversized banner and rows of 58 purple pin-wheel ribbons – one for each victim. The display will remain through Tuesday.

According to Moore, there are many public misconceptions surrounding domestic abuse and violence, making it important to keep the issue in the public conscious. The pin-wheel ribbons, she added, and the display itself, are important parts of keeping the issue front and center.

“I personally think that there’s a tendency to believe domestic violence is just a matter of somebody shoving or pushing another individual or hitting them,” Moore said. “What people need to realize is that patterns of abuse tend to escalate in the course of an abusive relationship. Typically, the abuse starts with a failure of compassion – just hurting someone’s feelings – but then it progresses to attacking self-esteem, controlling behavior, name-calling. Physical abusers rarely start off with physical abuse; they rarely start off with violence.”

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