Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

November 1, 2013

Study marks 500th patient

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Indianapolis — OrthoIndy and the Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital (IOH) recently announced that the 500th worldwide implant of the Moximed, Inc. KineSpring System was performed by Jack Farr, M.D., director of the OrthoIndy Cartilage Restoration Center of Indiana and the OrthoIndy Sports Medicine Fellowship Program.

Moximed, Inc. is a medical device company pioneering the development of joint unloading treatments for patients with early osteoarthritis (OA). The KineSpring System is an implantable medical spring that works by unloading the weight on the diseased knee joint, without changes to the anatomy. Since the first KineSpring procedure over five years ago, continued positive patient outcomes and a streamlined surgical technique have resulted in accelerated surgeon adoption for patients with knee OA.

Dr. Farr, who is the Lead Principal Investigator of the US-based SOAR clinical study of the KineSpring System commented, “I continue to be impressed by the potential of the unloading concept as a treatment option for patients with knee OA. My experience has validated significant patient interest in the KineSpring System, and I am encouraged by positive outcomes that have been generated by pioneering surgeons.”

The KineSpring System is intended to provide an innovative treatment option for patients with mild-to-moderate knee osteoarthritis who find conservative therapy, such as pain medication and knee braces, unsuccessful, but who are not ready for joint-altering knee surgery. The KineSpring System is implanted in the subcutaneous tissue alongside the joint to cushion the knee from excessive loading. Importantly, the KineSpring System is completely joint-sparing, so future treatment options are maintained.

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