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June 10, 2013

DSI yard sale showcases hidden Greensburg treasure

Amanda Browning
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — While many Decatur County residents have heard of Developmental Services Inc. (DSI) and the services they provide to the disabled, most have no clue that a partner company even exists.

Tree City Estates is an apartment complex built and organized by DSI and Keller Development and is managed by New Generation Management. The 64-unit complex is a little-known hidden gem for the county, boasting a scenic set-up with landscaped grounds and many extra features for residents.

The neighborhood, which sits behind the Greensburg Urgent Care facility, is a quiet, calm environment where one can feel safe. According to the property manager, Kristine Weber, anyone with any kind of violent crime in their history is not allowed to rent an apartment at Tree City Estates. However, non-violent criminal histories do not automatically disqualify a potential resident. In addition, the Greensburg Police Department makes regular patrols around the complex.

Chris Ramey, DSI employment specialist, works closely with Weber, as many of his clients reside at Tree City Estates. Ramey previously lived at another location and commuted to work with his DSI clients, but decided to move to the complex after seeing what a nice place to live it was.

“This is a great place to live, but people just don’t know we’re here,” Ramey said. He added that residents could feel safe there, due to the many security measures in place. He added that just because the rent at the complex is income based, many people think it’s some kind of slum. “That’s not true at all; it’s wonderful here.”

Many of the residents of the 64-unit apartment complex banded together for the yard sale that took place Saturday. Customers were likely to find anything from handmade crocheted blankets, children’s toys, clothes, and a comic book encyclopedia to a wheelchair-ready van, video games and jewelry - not to mention the freshly-prepared hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, and snowcones that were part of DSI’s annual cookout.

During the yard sale and cookout, Greensburg firefighters Jock Ralston and Kevin Wenning brought a fire truck to the complex to provide fire safety lessons to the children.

They were surrounded by a steady crowd as young residents toured the fire truck, learning all about fire safety and some of what it means to be a fireman.

Children were given a chance to climb inside the fire truck and look in all the compartments where equipment is stored. GFD firemen fielded the never-ending questions with patience and humor and the children walked away happy with the experience.  

Weber, the property manager, said, “We’d like to thank all the residents who participated in the yard sale this year and we plan to do this again next year and in the years to come. We hope it gets bigger and better every year.” Weber reported that there are a limited number of vacancies at Tree City Estates, but she is always on site if interested parties would like to learn more about living at the complex.

Both Weber and Ramey stated that the company that runs the apartment complex is wonderful, making sure residents have everything they need. They also added that the maintenance man is exceptionally skilled at his job and refuses to let things remain out of order.

Tree City estates appears to be a very family oriented apartment complex filled with a good group of people. Judging by that, next year’s yard sale and cookout could potentially turn out even better.

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