Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

September 25, 2013

Local animal lover sells hot dogs for dogs and cats

By Rob Cox Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG — Katrina Lanham wants to take every animal from the Greensburg-Decatur County Animal Shelter home – each and every one – and the same goes for all the animals at the Shelby County Animal Shelter.

That doesn’t even take into consideration the strays she sees lingering here-and-there around Shelbyville and Greensburg. This Greensburg native and self-described animal lover knows taking them all home isn’t a realistic prospect, though, and so she does everything she can in her spare time to help shelter animals find loving homes. She understands, too, that the effort to spare worthy animals from being euthanized doesn’t end when someone takes said animal home.

On Saturday, at the Greensburg-Decatur County Animal Shelter, Lanham set up shop from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., selling baked treats, bagged lunches and hotdogs to raise money for local efforts to educate the public about responsible pet ownership. Lanham told the Daily News that the baked goodies – two jam-packed tables of them – were all donated, as were the bagged lunches. Of course, Lanham herself shouldered some of the costs, but for this stay-at-home mother of two, it’s a small price to pay.

Laura Johnston, director of the shelter, applauded Lanham’s efforts, saying that this bake sale was the first Lanham has organized for the shelter; Johnston hopes it won’t be the last.

“The money from this event will go into an educational fund,” Johnston explained. “Every time we hold an event, we hand out educational pamphlets about responsible pet ownership. The money we raise here will help pay for those.”

Lanham is coming off a similar bake sale and bagged-lunch event last week at the Shelby County Animal Shelter. Before that, she and her husband donated their time in constructing 80 cat-scratching posts, which are being sold at the Shelby County Animal Shelter. All the materials for those posts were donated, Lanham pointed out.

Lanham wasn’t sure what her next fundraiser will be, but expressed confidence there will be another in her future very soon. She simply can’t stand to see good, loving animals go without a home.

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