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July 19, 2013

Local kids vie to be "the cat's meow" at annual show

By Rob Cox Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG – It was another trip to the kitty spa for a handful of Decatur County felines Tuesday afternoon – a.k.a. the 2013 Decatur County 4-H Fair cat show.

Turnout to was down compared to previous years, said the event’s organizer, Dr. Hank Martin, but the felines didn’t seem to mind or even notice.

In fact, unlike last year’s event, there were no problem kitties, none who made judging difficult or impossible, or who steadfastly refused to leave the confines of their carrier.

The lack of turnout didn’t appear to dampen the spirits of entrants, either, and they gladly carried their kitties to the judge’s table for inspection and scoring.

As per usual, explained show Dr. Martin, the competition included three age categories: Grades 3 to 5; Grades 6 to 8; and Grades 9 to 12.

Unfortunately, no one signed up in the Grade 6-to-8 Class actually showed, Martin said.

Each contestant brought his or her cat to the judging table one by one, called by grade category, where Judge Diana DeWitt rubbed, turned, inspected and graded.

DeWitt told the Daily News that, in judging the felines, she focused on several attributes: Condition and cleanliness of teeth and ears; condition of the coat (is it matted at all or appear to be brushed daily?); weight; the child’s knowledge of the animal; feeding content and frequency; vaccinations; playtime schedule and habits; age; and chemistry between cat and child.

DeWitt further explained that, while the personality of the cat plays a role in judging, she’s far more interested in the interaction between cat and owner.

“I don’t really care as much how well I get along with them [the cats],” she said. “That’s not what matters.”

The winners of the 2013 Decatur County Fair Cat Show are as follows:

In the Grade 3 to 5 Grade Category, Rachel Teague and her long-haired gray female, Princess, was crowned Champion; Conner Bower took home Co-Reserve Champion with his sister Savannah; the siblings’ cats were named Pearl and Princess, respectively.

Katherine Teague and her short-haired, nine-year-old gray female, Angelina, were named Champion in the 9 to 12 Grade category, with Sarah Rupp and Indiana Jones taking Reserve Champion.

Katherine Teague and Rupp were also crowned overall Grand Champion and overall Reserve Grand Champion of the competition, respectively.

The 2013 wins mark Katherine Teague and Angelina’s second straight year as both Champion of the Class and Grand Champion of the competition.

2013 is also the second straight win for Rachel Teague and Princess in the Class; it’s also only Rachel’s second year of competing. Seven-year-old Princess has been competing a little longer though.

“My sister and brother both do the cat show,” she explained. “But he stopped doing it a few years ago, so I took his cat.”

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