Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

July 20, 2013

ATV flat drag winners by class

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Listed are the results of Wednesday night’s ATV flat drags, presented by Wolfe Bros. Racing.

1. Open Outlaw (quads, bikes & snowmobiles): Mike Deck

2. 4 Stroke 700cc or less & 250R/Blasters: Tyler Barkdull

3. Stock ATV – no wheelie bar, tie downs, race tires: Nigel Morgan

4. Automatic 700cc or less: Jacob Wolfe

5. 4 stroke 400cc or less: Chad Ramsey

6. Junior quad 125cc or less: Blake Wolfe

7. Junior bikes 100 cc or less (tape spokes): Luke Eden

8. Quads only – 2-stroke open: Mike Deck

9. 4 stroke 500cc or less pump gas only: Adam Hoeing

10. 4 stroke 500cc or less: Tyler Barkdull ($400 total earnings)

11. County Class: Tyler Barkdull

12. Panty Race – Single elimination (1st place): Chad Ramsey

13. Open dash for Cash – 2 passes (winner take all): Mike Deck

14. Utility & 250 Trailblazers and side-by-sides: Jordan Hamilton

15. Quads only – 4-stroke open & 250R/Blasters: Tyler Barkdull

16. Bikes 600 cc or less (tape spokes): Glendon Cox

17. 2 stroke 300cc or less (no mono block): David Meyer

18. Open Outlaw (ATV, bikes, snowmobiles): Mike Deck

19. 4 stroke 350cc or less (Blasters and 250 trailblazers permitted): Scott Vanderbur

20. Woods Class: Kevin Cunningham

Wolfe Bros. Racing travels to Greencastle Sunday to feature quads.