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July 26, 2013

Teens end summer with water and shaving cream at library

By Amanda Browning Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG – In the fourth annual end of summer event, participants of the teen programming at the Greensburg Public Library spent the afternoon outside Thursday with shaving cream and water, courtesy of teen librarian Lori Durbin and outreach storytime librarian Amy Kuhns.

Teens played a number of games throughout the day, such as a version of duck, duck, goose that was more like splash, splash, soak. Players carried a small bucket of water and walked around the circle of players, splashing water on each one before dumping the whole bucket on one player and racing around the circle to get back to a seat before getting caught.

Next, teens completed a rather hilarious relay race where they had to pop balloons by sitting on them in a kiddie pool full of water. The teens had so much fun with that game that they ran the race a second time just for fun.

When asked what she liked about the teen programming at the library, participant Rylie Smith said, “It’s always a fun way to hang out with friends and cut loose. This is like a home away from home for a lot of us.”

Following the balloon-popping relay, participants launched a full scale shaving cream war. Each teen was given a brand new can of shaving cream and the war lasted until everyone’s cans were empty. The yard of the library was filled with screams, laughter and surprised shouts as the teens raced around, spraying everyone they could reach. As one would expect from teenagers, shaving cream beards and mohawks were in abundance. One teen was covered head to toe in shaving cream by his friends, making him stand out as an easily seen target.

After the shaving cream was exhausted, the librarians sprayed off the teens with the hose in preparation for the next game. A single piece of bubble gum was placed on a paper plate, one for each teen, and then covered in whipped cream. Players had to remove all the whipped cream from the plate to reveal the gum and be the first to blow a bubble. The trick? They couldn’t use their hands at any point. The winner took home a large tub of bubble gum, which he agreed to share with the others.

When the whipped cream game was cleaned up, Durbin and Kuhns brought out an arrangement of pool noodles for what they called the pool noodle splash game. Buckets were filled with water and placed on either side of the target-like assembly of pool toys. Sponges cut into pieces and tied together made absorbent water balls for the teams to throw through the holes in the target. All the teens appeared to have a wonderful time with the game, regardless of who won.

As teens waited for Durbin to return with an end-of-the-afternoon snack, they discussed their favorite parts of the day and what they liked most about the summer reading program and the year-round teen programming at the library. Several of the teens said they’d attended every event that was held over the summer and planned to do the same next year.

“It’s a good way to have fun during the summer and make new friends,” said Miranda Brandes. Following her statement, she was overwhelmed with hugs from her new friends, who surrounded her with laughter.

As the teens enjoyed their snack of ice cream sandwiches and lemonade, Durbin reminded them that even though the summer events were over, there is at least one teen event scheduled every month through the year. Voices layered over each other as the teens made one suggestion after another, often shouting out their favorite events and asking for repeats.

Durbin and Kuhns clearly have a strong relationship with the teens. The teens both showed respect for their mentors and a great sense of relaxation and comfort at the library, leading one to believe that the Greensburg Public Library may truly have become a home away from home for some of them.

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