Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

July 16, 2013

Land captures Gut N' Go at Decatur Co. Fair

By Harry C. Risher Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — Pat Land II won the popular Gut N’ Go class at the annual Decatur County Fair Friday evening.

D. J. Sweet had the early upper hand in the grinding struggle on the Fairground’s mud, but Greensburg’s Land turned his 1987 Ford Mustang against Sweet’s import and pounded Sweet into submission for his first win in seven years.

An ecstatic Land commented on his upset win.

“I’ve been trying to win one of these for seven years! I’ve tried everything - big cars, little cars, and the best I could do was third,” he recalled. “This Mustang was my wife’s car. When she got a new one I decided to put it in the Gut N’ Go class at the fair. It took us four or five days to get the car ready. In the final, I don’t know how it held out against D. J. (Sweet). We ran without a radiator! One time I got knocked into the wall and it died. But I got it started and went after him. When he started smoking, I just kept hitting him until he gave up. I’m really happy to finally win one, and thank everyone who helped get the car ready!”

Roger Hickman of Shelbyville won the Main Demolition Derby, and Mike Richardson won the Lawn Mower Demo Derby.

Derby Feature results (car number): 1. Roger Hickman (401); 2. Robbie Willey (27); 3. Shane Jones (345); 4. Russ Snow (33); 5. Derek Crawford (460).

Gut N Go Derby results: 1. Pat Land (17); 2. D.J. Sweet (69); 3. Tony Friend (1); 4. Keller (23); 5. Bruce Parish (5).

Mower results: 1. Mike Richardson (12); 2. Zach “Radio” Mathena (77R); 3. Tom (16).

Mini Car AutoCross Feature: 1. Joel Loepker (64); 2. Nick Rummel (62); 3. Bruce Parish; 4. Matt Weston (72); 5. Austin Leinberger (15); 6. D.J. Sweet (69).

Big Car AutoCross Feature: 1. Ryan Cook (77); 2. Donnie Bradshaw III (41); 3. Brad Bex (B4); 4. Chad Dix (27); 5. James Miller (17J); 6. Dustin Foust (902); 7. Sean Day (51); 8. Josh Adams (29); 9. Kevin Perdue (07k); 10. Leroy Black (37); 11. Joel Loepker (64); 12. Russ Snow (33).