Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

March 28, 2013

TIF board secretary retires

Tess Rowing
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — In the regularly scheduled TIF Board meeting Wednesday night, the project list was approved for submission, and secretary Lowell Rethlake’s retirement was announced.

City engineer, Gary Murray, was not present to explain the nuances of the project list. The new project list was started because the TIF board’s list from 20 years prior has nearly been completed.

The current list reads, in order of importance:

1. Veteran’s Way phase one 2. Water main on Veteran’s Way 3. A lift station for the sewer near where Veteran’s Way would be located 4. Veteran’s Way phase two 5. Veteran’s Way phase three 6. Moscow Road reconstruction 7. Main Street sanitary sewer 8. Montgomery sanitary sewer.

During meeting discussion, the first five projects were the only items set to be finished for certain. Veteran’s Way would be a new road near Vandalia Road. According to TIF Board President Ken Dornich, the road would hopefully entice new businesses.

The TIF board acknowledged that there is currently not enough money to finish Veteran’s Way, but hope that businesses which may establish themselves will help fund the completion of the new road.

A board member inquired as to why the Water Plant could not pay for their own projects. Mayor Gary Herbert responded that while the Water Plant could use its own funds, taxes and water rates would rise as a consequence.

Discussion moved to the continuing possibility of Menards moving to Greensburg, during which the board confirmed that negotiations are still underway.

Local businesswoman Jean Johannigman inquired into a rumor that Kroger, a popular grocery store chain, may be moving to Greensburg, which the board said would be “wonderful.” They could not, however, confirm the validity of the rumor.

The TIF Board also announced the resignation of former secretary Lowell Rethlake, who has served for many years. The position will be reappointed by Mayor Gary Herbert in the future.

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