Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

January 22, 2013

Flatrock bridge receives lower bid for repairs

Tess Rowing

Greensburg — In the regularly scheduled Decatur County Commissioners meeting Tuesday, the budget for bridge 18 continued to be debated, and an obsolete road is planned to be shut down.

Engineers came to discuss bids on bridge 18, which sits over the Flatrock River on County Road 400 West. A previous estimate placed repairs of the bridge at $1,003,000. Duncan Roberts presented a bid lower than the initial estimate, which was announced by county highway superintendent, Mark Mohr.

Patty Jackson from the South Eastern Regional Planning Commission (SERPC) presented the 20 houses which were chosen for bidding in the Rehab Program. The Rehab Program can be applied for by people who need to repair their house but do not have the funds. The program helps homes become more energy efficient, structurally sound, and increases the house value, Commissioner John Richards told the Daily News.

Tom Dennison petitioned that an obsolete road in Sardinia be closed. The road is already fenced off because it ends in the middle of a pasture in property that Dennison owns.

Mohr and the plan commission saw no issues with the petition since the road isn’t used.

Jackie Clements from Maximus presented numbers on the services that Maximus provides for the county.

Maximus researches records to find money that is owed to the county due to oversights such as over-payment. Maximus also makes sure the money retrieved returns to the correct budget from which the money was initially taken.

In the past nine years, Maximus has collected approximately $400,000 for the county. Maximus is payed $3,000 a year for its services. John Richards confirmed that the county will be continuing to solicit Maximus’ services.

“I’d to keep someone who’s making or saving us money,” said Richards.

The county has renewed a three year contract at $3,000 a year. The contract can be terminated with a 30 to 90 day notice, and according to Richards, a contract saves tax payers $200 a year.

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