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February 20, 2013

‘Puzzling’ SawDusters donating to Edelweiss House

Tess Rowing
Greensburg Daily News

Versailles — Don and Roz Fraley, proprietors of SawDusters, will be presenting 20 percent of its profits to Edelweiss House, with the presence of a coupon.

The couple currently creates artistically crafted puzzles, which can be customized to a customer’s preference.

The Internet-based business boasts a menagerie containing animals of various sizes, shapes and patterns at The puzzles range from $6 to $30.

Don said a family member is currently using the Edelweiss houses’ services as an alternative to foster care. Don had wanted to donate some puzzles for the children who reside at Edelweiss, but the owners of Edelweiss requested an alternate donation in the form of monetary help.

Don and Roz Fraley have been making various crafts for at least 10 years, according to Don.

“My wife has been a ‘crafty’ person,” Don said with laughter, “Ever since she was a teenager.”

Don said he had always been interested in woodwork, but was inspired to start a business when he watched his wife make her wood-based creations. The couple later discovered a high quality, industrial wood saw at home and gardens show and made a purchase.

The business has taken many evolutions since its inception, Don explained, and right now the Fraleys operated from the Internet since 2010, as well as craft shows and bazaars.

“Puzzles are popular and easy to ship. We’ve been branching to higher-priced items, but puzzles are the main thing. We can make a puzzle of just about anything,” Don said as he described SawDusters’ wares.

The SawDusters can turn photographs into puzzles, use clip art for patterns, and create puzzle pieces in the form of other shapes such as teddy bears and hearts.

SawDusters’ current specialty are “stand up” puzzles — puzzles which can be stood upright for display. The puzzles can be made in any shape.

To look at SawDusters’ merchandise, visit To see that 20 percent of a purchase is donated to Edelweiss House, use the coupon code “HELP KIDS” while making a purchase.

Don and Roz Fraley can be contacted at 765-309-8269.

Edelweiss House can be contacted at 812-662-7589, and is located at 592 N CR 650 E.

Contact: Tess Rowing 812-663-3111 x7004