Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

April 16, 2013

GPD searching for clues in theft cases

Rob Cox
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — The Greensburg Police Department (GPD) is currently seeking tips from the public regarding three recent, unsolved theft cases at Greensburg businesses.

According to lead investigator Lt. Wayne Shake, the first of the three cases occurred Feb. 23, at Radio Shack.

“Surveillance video shows a male posing as a customer,” Shake said. “The video clearly shows the suspect take a police scanner off a counter, stick it in his coat and leave the business.”

Shake added that the crime was particularly blatant because there’s zero chance the suspect didn’t know he was being filmed.

“The placement of the camera made it obvious,” the Lt. said.

He added that, to date, the GPD has generated few leads regarding the case.

“We haven’t been able to find anyone who recognizes the suspect,” he said. “We believe he likely popped off the interstate, committed the theft and then popped back on, and that’s why no one recognizes him: He’s not local.”

The second incident occurred Feb. 24 at the Greensburg McDonald’s.

According to Shake, one of the restaurant’s employees purchased lunch at the counter, but accidentally left his wallet behind.

Surveillance video shows a group of three — two females and one male — standing behind the employee as he placed his order.

“They weren’t really in line, at first,” Shake said. “They were just kind of standing back, looking at the menu. When the employee finished his order and left the counter, they stepped up to the same register. The video shows the girl in the middle of the group pocketing the wallet.”

The wallet was later found in the bathroom, minus $104.

“It was everything the victim had,” Shake said. “So it was a quite a blow to the victim.”

Fortunately, there was nothing else missing from the wallet, and the GPD doesn’t suspect the victim at risk of identity theft.

As in the Radio Shack case, the GPD has thus far found no one who recognizes the trio, and the case remains opened and unsolved.

The third theft occurred April 5, at the Aaron’s Rent to Own store across from Greensburg’s Walmart Shopping Center.

In that case, a male suspect is seen on the store’s surveillance video, spending an excessive amount of time perusing the store’s selection of laptop computers.

“He finally decides on one,” Shake said, “and eventually unplugs it. Then he takes the price information off and closes it. Each time he makes another move, he looks around and walks around a bit before returning. Finally, he puts the laptop under his coat and walks out the door. There were two people playing a video game close by, but their backs were to him and they didn’t see anything.”

Anyone with information regarding any of these three cases, can call the GPD’s anonymous tip line at: 812-66-CRIME (662-7463) or 663-3131.

Contact: Rob Cox at 812-663-3111 x7011