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June 27, 2013

Tiger Sharks dominate South Dearborn

Greensburg Daily News

---- — The Decatur County Tiger Sharks, an affiliate of the Decatur County Parks and Rec, returned to action Monday at South Dearborn.

The Tiger Sharks overwhelmed South Dearborn with both a quality and quantity of swimmers, winning 943-474.

Head Coach Josh Hawkins noted that there were several outstanding performances and the Tiger Sharks competed with great confidence and intensity.

Notable performances came from Cameron DeWeese winning 4 Individual events; Boys 14&U 50 free, 100 breaststroke, 100 butterfly, and 100 IM. Katie McLean also won 4 events; the Girls 10&U 50 breaststroke, 50 fly, 100 free, and 100 IM. Nick Oesterling won the Boys 18&U 50 free, 100 back, 100 free, and 100 IM and Jacob Stuart won the Boys 10 &U 50 free, 50 back, 50 fly, and 100 IM.

Tiger Shark swimmers who won three individual events were Abby Bausback in the Girls 18&U 100 back, 100 fly, and 100 IM, Valerie Busto won the Girls 12&U 50 free, 50 breaststroke, and 100 IM, Emily Eberhardt won the Girls 14&U 100 breaststroke, 100 fly, and 100 IM, and Jacob Hawkins won the mixed 6U 25 breaststroke, 25 fly, and boys 6&U fly. Grayson Hellmich won the Boys 10&U 100 free and his brother, Jonah, won the Boys 6&U 25 free. Jacob Koontz won the Boys 8&U 25 breaststroke and 25 back. Jaxson Kramer won the Boys 10&U 50 breaststroke. Megan McDole won the Girls 18&U 100 breaststroke. Bailey Menkedick won the Girls 12&U 50 back and 50 fly. Brady Niles won the Boys 18&U 100 breaststroke and 100 fly, while his sister Kara won the Girls 14&U 50 free. Molly Oesterling won the Girls 18&U 50 free. Becky Pfeifer won the Girls 12&U 100 free. Drew Reiger won the Boys 18&U 200 free, and Sean Slagle won the Boys 8&U 25 fly and 50 free. Bri Stagge won the Girls 18&U 200 free and 100 free. Luke Stuart won the Boys 12&U 50 free and Sophia Taylor won the Girls 10&U 50 free and 50 back.

The Tiger Sharks swept (1-4) the Girls 12&U 50 free. Following Taylor were Rachael Koontz, Kylie Hostetler, and Sara Springmeyer. They also swept the Girls 12&U 50 free with Busto, Pfeifer, Grace Reiger, and Emma Luttel and Boys 18&U 50 free with Oesterling, Niles, and Spencer Kuehl.

In the Girls 10&U 50 back the Tiger Sharks posted the five fastest times with Taylor, Hostetler, Luttel, Abigayle Lydy, and Sydney Swartentruber. They also claimed the fastest three times in the boys 18&U 100 back with Oesterling, Kuehl, and Jake Buening.

The Girls 10&U 100 free was also dominated by Tiger Sharks taking 1-5. Following McLean was Taylor, Springmeyer, Ella Lowe, and Haley Keppel. In the Girls 12&U 100 free the Tiger Sharks went 1-2-3-4 with Pfeifer, Menkedick, Molli Hurley, and Emma Luttel. Both 18&U 100 free events were swept by Tiger Sharks with the girls being Stagge, Oesterling, and Ashley Koontz while the boys were Oesterling, Kuehl, and Andrew Schroeder. The Girls 12&U 100 IM was swept by Busto, Menedick, and Grace Reiger and the Boys 18&U by Oesterling, Niles, and Drew Reiger.

As for Relays, the Tiger Sharks won every single relay in the meet with the exception of the Boys 12&U medley and freestyle relays.

“All in all, our kids swam great,” said Hawkins. “We had 75 percent of our kids compete. That’s a solid number for an away meet at South Dearborn, and that’s how we won by such a large margin. That (participation), combined with some fast swimming equaled victory!”

The swim team returns to action Thursday (tonight) against Madison’s H2O swim team.

If you’d like more information regarding swimming in Greensburg, contact Coach Josh at or visit

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