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May 7, 2014

Soil and Water branching out with free trees

By Amanda Browning Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG – The seventh annual Decatur County Soil and Water Conservation District’s tree giveaway took place Saturday, with nearly 1,000 free trees given to local residents in honor of Arbor Day.

A busy morning saw most of the trees claimed in the first two hours, with attendees trickling in to get their seedlings until the afternoon. While most of the trees were given away Saturday, a few were left over on Monday, according to District Conservationist Mike Hughes. However, all the remaining seedlings were claimed Monday.

This year, several varieties of trees were available to choose from, with each family receiving an average of five trees. This year’s options included redbud, tulip, flowering dogwood, red oak and bald cypress.

Hughes said the flowering dogwood is usually the most popular choice, but this year, red oak seemed to be the star of the show. Hughes said the district ordered more flowering dogwood seedlings this year, which is perhaps why there were more left over.

Every family receiving trees was also given planting instructions and basic information on how to care for their new trees. The instructions also included information about how to keep the seedlings alive if they can’t be planted immediately.

“We appreciate everybody attending our tree giveaway,” Hughes said. “We hope they have a successful establishment of the trees they were given.”

With 1,000 new trees planted in Decatur Country, everyone may soon be able to enjoy a breath of very fresh air and future generations will be able to appreciate the beauty and majesty of trees planted by their family members.

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