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August 27, 2013

Library closes book on nice birthday celebration

By Brent Brown Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG --The Greensburg-Decatur County Public Library celebrated two decades in its present facility with all the pomp and circumstance afforded such an anniversary Saturday.

The day saw a few hundred guests stop by the library for free snacks, carnival-style games and other forms of family-friendly fun on an eventful Saturday in the Tree City.

Guests of the birthday celebration were free to walk through the library, scoping out the recent renovations and perusing a few historic items - some of which are more than a century old.

Behind a glass enclosure near the check-out desk, was the original accession book penned by some of the library’s earliest staff. Greensburg’s first head librarian, Bessie Monfort, meticulously catalogued each and every book brought to the then-new Andrew Carnegie Library, noting the work’s title, the individual who donated it and other important information. This historic item predates the Dewey Decimal System, the de facto standard for libraries everywhere, by several years.

A few paces from that historic book was a bird’s eye view model of the present-day’s facility complete with miniature trees and cars parked outside the building.

Other major attractions within the building included a cake walk that ended with the distribution of sugary snacks for the winners, and a craft area where children made birthday hats.

Outside, gatherers took turns attempting to drop library director Andrea Ingmire or technology specialist Keith Kaffenberger into a small pool of water by hurling softballs in the direction of a dunk tank. The warm day made the prospect of being dunked a welcome result when youngsters connected with a perfect pitch.

Meanwhile some of the youngest visitors gathered plastic fish into nets in a child’s swimming pool, jumped and slid through a bounce house and took their best throws at a ring toss. Several of the library’s teen helpers moderated the games and lent their assistance to library staff members Laura Jo Tebbe, Amy Kuhns, Jill Pratt and Lori Durbin throughout the day.

The new Bookmobile also made an appearance, parked on-site and ready for the many visitors passing through.

Durbin, the library’s marketing specialist and planner of teen events, was happily overwhelmed with the events of the day, which wound up surpassing her expectations in every way.

Durbin also took time to thank Deb Locke and the Decatur County Community Foundation for the donation of a butter cream icing-topped birthday cake.

In the quest to make the celebration as memorable as possible, Durbin and other library staff appeared to pull out all the stops to unite the library’s past with its present. The teen activities coordinator mentioned that delving into the accession book penned by Monfort was “a surreal experience.” She also located a book containing the minutes of the library board’s first meeting. Former Indiana Lieutenant Governor Will Cumback, mentioned in the notes, served as Greensburg’s first library board president.

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