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May 21, 2013

Woman arrested on drug-related charges

Amanda Browning
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — An additional arrest related to Friday's drug bust in the 700 block of North Michigan Avenue took place Monday.

Greensburg resident Melora Guthrie, 50, was arrested on charges of conspiracy to deal in a schedule II controlled substance, a class "B" felony, by members of the Greensburg Police Department.

On Friday, Chasity Collins, 24, and three others were arrested on drug-related charges in the culmination of a joint investigation between the Greensburg Police Department (GPD) and the Indiana State Police that stretched back to November 2012. Collins and the others were charged with a variety of felonies related to dealing and possession of controlled substances, dealing of marijuana, and maintaining a common nuisance.

According to a police report, while officers were speaking with Collins, she stated that the source of the Hydromorphone (a schedule II controlled substance) pills she was selling was Mitchell Guthrie, who was identified as Collins’ uncle.

Collins told police that she paid her uncle $20 per pill and would then raise the price $5 to $10 when she sold them on the street. Collins stated that she was selling the prescription drugs for profit and had been doing so since December 2012. Collins stated that her uncle was homebound and required a caregiver due to previous health problems.

Detectives then went to Guthrie’s residence to confirm Collins’ story where they were met by both Mitchell Guthrie, who was wheelchair bound and only able to answer yes or no questions, and Melora Guthrie, 50, his caregiver. Melora was later identified as Collins’ mother.

Police informed Mitchell that Chasity Collins had named him as the source of supply for the hydromorphone pills. A short while later, Melora stated that she had been giving the pills to Collins and that Mitchell was unaware.

Mitchell confirmed that he had not given permission for Melora to give his medication to Collins, nor was he aware of it. Police reports indicate Melora had exclusive control and access to Mitchell’s medication, which he receives on a monthly basis.

Melora Guthrie was transported to the Greensburg Police Department for further interviews while Mitchell remained at the Washington Street residence in the care of a home nurse.

During that interview, Melora stated that she was providing hydromorphone pills to Chasity Collins, as well as other individuals.

She added that medication not used by Mitchell was what she distributed. The suspect said that the hydromorphone was the only medication that Mitchell received that she was distributing.

Upon completion of the interview, Melora was taken into custody at the Decatur County Jail without incident.

As of press time Tuesday, no bond had been set for her release.

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