Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

January 16, 2013

County Council welcomes Metz

Tess Rowing
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — In the regularly schedule County Council meeting Tuesday evening, a new filing system was approved, an insurance policy was renewed, and Bill Metz was welcomed aboard.

Bill Metz, replacing Reheadawn Metz after her 20 years of service, was welcomed and amiably informed that he has "some big shoes to fill."

A request was made of the council that a budget be established for a future filing system which will cost $10,000 to establish.

Tami Wenning, Decatur County auditor, and Geneva Hunt, county councilwoman, spoke in favor of the system, which would organize and update county ordinances. The current system requires up to 312 hours a year to sift through, costing the county approximately $4,000 a year.

The $10,000 is a one-time fee to American Legal Publishing in Ohio. The service will take three months to complete, and the publishing company will discard outdated ordinances with the help of on-staff attorneys.

Every ordinance added after the initial fee will cost $23 an ordinance, and require a five year contract. The system will include a website, and hard copy. The ordinances filed will not include ordinances passed through the Board of Zoning Appeals or Area Plan Commission, which are satisfied with their organization.

Larry Meyer, councilman, expressed displeasure at the initial fee, but the council came to the agreement that the filing system would have a budget set aside for later in the year.

The following issue presented to the council was whether or not to renew an insurance policy which covers people in deputy positions at the court house. The policy costs $2,079 a year.

Tami Wenning was unable to provide information as to what the insurance policy covers during the meeting, but advised the council that there would be wisdom in keeping the policy which has been paid for many years. The council agreed to renew the policy.

There was some discussion about Dan Wilson’s desire to retire from the redevelopment board, despite his reappointment late last year. Members of the redevelopment board felt Wilson’s presence is necessary.

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