Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

May 7, 2013

Greensburg man faces rape, battery, confinement charges

Brent Brown
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — An investigation by the Greensburg Police Department resulted in the arrest of a local man Monday morning, who now faces multiple felony charges pertaining to allegations he raped and battered a woman in her home in February.

Investigators believe Dennis W. Clark, 55, brutally assaulted a woman in her home over the course of approximately three days in February. During the assault, the victim was raped and beaten resulting in broken ribs, a punctured lung, blackened eyes, a loss of hearing in one of her ears, lacerations and various injuries consistent with forced sexual intercourse.

The victim initially blamed her injuries on a fall and scratches received from her dog, though a subsequent examination at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis ruled out this possibility. Medical examiners described the victim’s injuries as “very unusual and unlikely to be caused from falling from the bed and/or playing with the dog.” A sexual assault examination was not performed at the hospital due to the fact the victim did not report the crime as such until days after her treatment at the hospital.

Police investigated the scene in response to an emergency call Feb. 20 and found the victim’s home to be in a state of “extreme disarray,” according to a police report. The report contends investigators discovered broken items throughout the home and blankets stained with blood. The victim later told police she remembers little from the alleged incident, recalling only that the rape occurred in her bedroom and that the assailant forced her to wear one of her dog’s collars during the assault, as she was slapped repeatedly. A neighbor claimed to have found the victim wearing a dog collar in the hallway outside of her apartment Feb. 20.

Clark met with police in March and stated he had gone to the alleged victim’s home Feb. 20 and found her lying on her kitchen floor. Clark told police he moved the woman into her bed and left her there after discovering her in an incoherent state. Clark initially told the victim he was going to call an ambulance for her, but alleged she became angry and told him to leave. After notifying a relative of her condition, Clark elected not to call an ambulance out of fear the victim would be arrested for allegedly consuming an excessive amount of medication, according to a police report. Clark is alleged to have told police more than once that he would never harm the victim. The suspect was released following the interview.

Formal charges were filed against Dennis Clark Friday in the Decatur Circuit Court. Clark faces charges of rape, a class “A” felony; criminal deviate conduct, a class “A” felony; aggravated battery, a class “B” felony, and criminal confinement, also a class “B” felony.

If convicted of all four offenses, Clark could face a maximum penalty of 80 years in prison and $40,000 in fines.

Clark posted bond in the amount of $5,000 Tuesday morning and remains free. A criminal trial has been scheduled for Sept. 9

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