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November 28, 2013

Rust 'Family Feud' episode airing Monday after six-month wait

By Brent Brown Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG – It’s finally time for the Rusts to play ‘the Feud.’

The children of Greg and Judy Rust appeared at an Atlanta taping of the popular syndicated game show last spring, but had been asked to remain mum on any details. This Monday, after six months of waiting, viewers will finally have the chance to see how the family fared on the long-running show.

And according to two of the participants, it’s a half hour of television not to be missed.

The Daily News spoke with Audrey Rust-Krizman and her brother Christian Rust, both of Greensburg, this week, and the team members agreed their time on the show was something they’ll never forget.

“It really was the opportunity of a lifetime – not just enjoyable, but memorable,” Audrey reflected.

Audrey said the staff of the show, which included host Steve Harvey, a popular comedian and actor, was “really friendly” and “really caring.”

“They wanted to make the experience as enjoyable as possible,” Audrey said.

Going by what Audrey and Christian told the Daily News this week, the ‘Family Feud’ staff appears to have succeeded.

“It was a fantastic experience,” the ever-calm Christian Rust said Friday.

Christian’s quiet demeanor and vocation as a local farmer led to some gentle ribbing from Harvey and other show staff, but Christian – who joined Audrey and their siblings Joy Rust, Monique Rust-Metzing and Monique’s husband Ryan – took it all in stride.

“I think I’m part of a demographic they don’t get very frequently on the show,” Christian said of his farming career. “It was pretty funny, and Steve Harvey had some fun at the fact that I’m a farmer.”

Christian, who wore a suit and a bowtie for his appearance on the show, was called “the Frank Sinatra of farmers” by Harvey, in addition to being on the receiving end of other well-intentioned quips.

The rest of the Rusts also did their best to provide as much entertainment for viewers as possible.

Monique, who served as the team captain, described the Rust family as a musical one owing that designation to the fact she sings with husband Ryan ,and Christian has choir experience as well. This led to a song the group practiced for their appearance, though it might not have turned out quite as well as they expected.

“We sang this song and we’re supposed to be snapping our fingers and swaying,” said Christian. “But it was bad – it was really bad.”

The debatable quality of that performance notwithstanding, the Rust family is confident viewers will find plenty to enjoy when the episode airs first at 7 p.m. Monday on WISH TV/WNDY. Another airing of the show is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. the same night.

“It will be pretty entertaining,” said Audrey, who cautioned that some of the material discussed on the show may be a bit mature for the youngest viewers.

“I’m letting my boys watch this,” Audrey said. “But some of the topics were related more to adult material.”

Viewers are unlikely to hear anything too salacious, however, and the modicum of adult-oriented jokes will likely be overshadowed by the enthusiastic Rust family, anyway.

“Be ready for some absolutely great entertainment,” Audrey said excitedly. “But don’t get too excited about our game-playing skills.”

Christian told the Daily News that playing ‘Family Feud’ is much more difficult on the stage, in front of a live studio audience, than trying to guess the answers from the comfort of one’s favorite sofa at home.

Christian recalled the audition during which the Rusts were tasked with guessing the top answers to the survey prompt “Name something that only comes out at night.”

Christian said he prepared himself to answer with his best guesses (opossums, raccoons, bats), but saw each of his choices nabbed first by his teammates.

Christian’s impromptu response of “nighthawk” earned the dreaded red, flashing “X.”

“That was not on the board,” Christian said of his unwanted answer. “My family gave me a hard time about that.”

Family time, of course, found itself at the forefront of the experience for the Rusts, and that is something the group said they’ll always cherish about their game show appearance.

“It was some serious family bonding time,” Audrey said. “It was really cool to get together with my siblings that way. It was really fun; it was memorable.”

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