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March 15, 2013

YMCA accepts brochure project from eighth graders

Tess Rowing
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — Several Greensburg Junior High School (GJHS) students had a brochure project accepted by the Decatur County Family YMCA Friday.

GJHS teacher Amy McFall’s, eighth grade health class were given a project which would encourage her students to ask questions about topics they would like to learn about.

The girls have been working on the project for nine weeks, McFall explained. The class’ students were allowed to pick whichever topic they wished, and were to find a question they wanted answered. The class would then present their individual projects through a number of mediums including PowerPoint presentations, posters and brochures.

Approximately 75 students participated in the project.

“There were other students who had other great presentations,” said McFall, though Friday would be special for 10 students in particular.

Ten students have created brochures for the YMCA which contain information regarding questions about proper nutrition, what makes a good diet while exercising, workouts for people with diabetes, sports drinks versus water, core balance and flexibility training, as well as a number of other topics which may be of interest.

The girls went beyond Internet searches and the library, said McFall. The girls interviewed professionals at Anytime Fitness, Decatur County Memorial Hospital, and even New Directions.

“It’s been wonderful getting the community to help,” said McFall. “I wanted to make health more ‘real life,’ and give them a project about something they cared about, to dive into. I’ve been impressed.”

“It was cool talking to the dietitians at the hospital,” said one student. “I knew a lot of the stuff they said, but they explained it better.”

The brochures will be posted at the YMCA’s front desk, fitness area and hallway, said CEO Diane Hart-Dawson. Hart-Dawson said the YMCA was happy to accept the brochures, and had confidence in the brochures’ accuracy because the students had done their research and their teacher had helped.

“It’s nice they added the information about certain illnesses,” said fitness coordinator Deena Hamer, “The information will be readily available to people who may be too embarrassed to ask.”

McFall praised her students for their hard work, and insisted that all the credit should go to the honored class members.

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