Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

March 20, 2013

GCS lunch prices to rise 10 cents

Tess Rowing
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — During the regularly scheduled Greensburg Community Schools (GCS) Board of Education meeting, a price raise of 10 cents for lunches and breakfast was approved, and plans are being laid out for summer maintenance and renovations.

GCS superintendent Tom Hunter told the board that the changes in school lunches for the 2012-13 school year were mandated but not funded, resulting in the first price increase in several years.

School lunches will now be $2.10 for students, and $3.10 for adults. School breakfasts will now be $1.30 for students, and $1.60 for adults.

Policy changes in school employees are also scheduled, and GCS is seeking to find a new health plan that is affordable for the schools and the employees. Hunter alluded to a price increase for the first time in five years.

Four teaching positions will not be restaffed, Hunter told the board, due to lower enrollment and the need to accommodate a $400,000 reduction in GCS’ budget.

When Board President Al Moore asked if the positions would be restaffed should an unexpectedly high enrollment occur in the classes, Hunter responded that the school was unlikely to restaff the positions.

Hunter said the money wasn’t in the budget to hire new teachers, and that he did not wish to create a budget that would put GCS in the red. If there is a surprisingly large enrollment, Hunter said, the classrooms may have to be larger.

Director of technology, Scott Hershauer, presented to the board a number of upgrades in technology including a bandwidth increase and new equipment.

The update of note is the implementation of schools-only social media site is similar to Facebook and allows for students and teachers to share school-related information and updates. The website is accessible to parents.

The website is monitored by staff, and also an artificial intelligence known as “Bob Campus” which will alert web masters to inappropriate content.

A donation of $2,000 was accepted from Lowe’s for GCS’ FAA program. Approximately 100 students are currently enrolled in the relatively new program which has been considered a great success.

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