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January 29, 2014

Plenty pop in to DCMH event

By Rob Cox Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG — The theme of Monday night’s Women’s Health Meet & Greet event at Decatur County Memorial Hospital was “Just Pop In.”

For DCMH marketing and communications manager Lynzee McDowell, the event came close to living up to its theme in one quite unexpected way.

“More than 50 people attended,” McDowell explained. “In planning this event, we projected an attendance number of 25 or 30. We would’ve considered that many people a big success.”

With more than 50 attendees, however, the offices of DCMH’s off-campus Women’s Care facility came perilously close to going over capacity.

“If we would’ve drawn many more people,” McDowell explained, “We might’ve been forced to consider moving to another location.”

Switching locations might have reduced the atmosphere of intimacy and immediacy McDowell and co-organizers Sarah McVey (DCMH marketing & communications assistant) and Laci Borgman (practice manager over DCMH specialty practices) hoped to achieve.

With no venue change required, however, McDowell said the atmosphere lived up almost perfectly to expectations, describing Monday night’s setting as “quaint.”

Based on their planning for “Just Pop In” then, the number of attendees permitted McDowell and her co-organizers to reach goal number one: bring people through the doors.

Any interactive, community event, no matter how well organized, McDowell said, is doomed to fail if no one attends. In that regard, the event was a marked success despite ridiculously cold temperatures on Monday night.

Four DCMH doctors attended Monday, including OB/GYN Wayne Perry from Women’s Care, M.D., Nicole Boersma, M.D., from Primary Care, and Jennifer Fletcher, M.D. and Mary McCullough, M.D., both from Tree City Medical Practitioners (TCMP). Dr. Jami Rayles, M.D., from Primary Care, was also scheduled to attend, but had to cancel. Additionally, Natasha Struewing, a women’s-health nurse practitioner with TCMP also attended.

Attracting those doctors, McDowell said, was goal number two among organizers.

“It’s really tricky to get doctors to attend an event like this,” she said. “They’re so busy and are juggling about a million different things, getting them to be here is a significant accomplishment in itself.

Perry, of course, specializes in women’s health, while the other three doctors in attendance, along with Rayles and Struewing, McDowell explained, have all completed specialized training in women’s health issues.

With the exception of Perry, McDowell further noted, Monday’s other doctors (including Rayles) don’t focus exclusively on female patients, but see other types too. Still, McDowell wants Greensburg and Decatur County women to know they have the option of seeing these doctors.

The advantage to using the more-generally focused Boersma, Fletcher, McCullough, Rayles and Struewing lies in the fact that, in regards to the care of female patients, they all work closely with Perry. That allows for highly-personalized care without patients necessarily being required to seek treatment beyond DCMH, McDowell explained.

McDowell was most impressed with the interaction between physicians and community members at the event, which meant goal number three – the event’s most crucial – was a resounding success.

“We staged this event for that interaction,” McDowell explained. “We want Decatur Countians to know what we have to offer. We want them to understand that they can get specialized care right here at home, without needing to drive to Indianapolis or some other larger community. We want them to be aware of the resources that are available right here in Decatur County.”

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