Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

November 2, 2012

Stagge running for County Council

Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — Candidate: Kenneth Stagge

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Office Sought: Decatur County Council At-Large

Q: What drives you to enter/remain in/return to the arena of elected public service?

A: I was asked to participate in the County Council because I’m a lifelong resident (of Decatur County) and because of my knowledge I have from living here.

Q: As someone who may be serving Greensburg in office in 2013 and beyond, what one thing, more than any other, do you want to see accomplished?

A: The biggest thing is I’d like to see the city and county work together on their problems.

Q: Describe your experience with business. Have you ever owned or managed one?

A: I am a self-employed farmer, and I have successfully managed our farm since 1964.

Q: Do you believe city/county government should contribute to charitable causes? How should these be determined?

A: I believe in contributing to charitable causes, but the Council should determine which ones are absolutely necessary.

Q: Do you believe repercussions are in order for public officials who deliberately violate the Open Door Law or Access to Public Records Act?

A: Yes. I believe no one should violate the Open Door Law or Public Records Act.

Q: Do you support expansion of the Greensburg Municipal Airport? What is the primary reason for your position?

A: No. This is a touchy situation, but it is a city situation and not, after a certain point, a county one.

Q: In the position you seek, how would you work to increase accountability and transparency in Greensburg/Decatur County government?

A: I would encourage concerned citizens to attend the council government meetings so we could use their input about what should be done.

— Daily News