Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

November 16, 2013

curbside comment

Greensburg Daily News

---- — Who’d want to do that? I’m too busy napping and watching football. – Cubby Stevens, Greensburg (PIC1)

No, by the time you make dinner, eat and clean up with all that family, you’re just way too tired to go shopping. – Marvin Murphy, Greensburg (PIC2)

No, it’s too much about money. People aren’t nice when they think they’re saving money; it’s not in the holiday spirit. – Temple Obermeyer, Milan (PIC3)

No, because you’re supposed to be at home with your family on Thanksgiving. – Ashley Class, Greensburg (PIC4)

Yes, Thanksgiving-Day sales spread out the crowd; it’s less busy, less stressful than on Black Monday. – Robert Allen, Osgood (PIC5)