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October 2, 2013

DCMH Growing Daffodil Campaign

Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG – Daffodils bloom each spring on the Decatur County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) campus in memory of individuals, honoring special occasions or just to support the important work of DCMH.

According to Hospital Foundation Director Bryan Robbins, the popular annual “Growing DCMH” campaign from which they result, will once again kick-off this week.

“Nearly 2,000 Daffodils have been planted around the Decatur County Memorial Hospital Campus thanks to this campaign,” said Bryan. “It’s unique in the multi-recipient nature of the gift—it’s an honor to those named, a donation to support health in our community, and it’s a means to keep the campus beautiful year after year. Thus the thought behind the gift continues to ‘bloom’ each spring.”

The Hospital Foundation started the effort in 2007 to provide a unique option for remembering special people, events and occasions, calling it: “Daffodils Create Memories & Hope.” Playing on the DCMH acronym, the annual campaign consists of a special mailing and additional focus on the unique program and its purpose. Gifts to the program have facilitated the purchase of new equipment, started new programs and enabled new services at the hospital. Robbins believes “It’s a universal good.”

Many of the daffodils were planted in memory of a loved one who had passed away, others in honor of 50th anniversaries, or special birthdays, but all have been planted by the Decatur County Extension Homemakers. Robbins said the support of the Homemakers has been a key. “These projects are made possible by volunteers, and we can’t thank Marilyn Davis enough for coordinating all of them, and for their time in helping, not only to plant the daffodils each fall, but to maintain them in the spring.”

Robbins stated that in addition to the daffodils planted, donations at varying levels receive other recognition such as notation on a permanent plaque in the Hospital or engraved stones placed near the daffodils. More information about the daffodil project may be obtained by contacting the Hospital Foundation at 663-1220 or by visiting the Hospital Foundation’s dedicated page at

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