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October 16, 2013

Four arrested following lead from GPD tip line

By Amanda Browning Daily News
Greensburg Daily News

---- — GREENSBURG – A recent tip to the Greensburg Police Department (GPD) tip line led to a search warrant being issued for an apartment at Tree City Estates, which resulted in the arrests of four individuals in the evening hours of October 11.

A concerned community member called the GPD tip line to report suspicions that Wendy Sweet, 33, and Quentin Reed, 28, were involved in the possession, use and dealing of illegal drugs. The tip instigated an investigation, where more information was gathered. After obtaining a search warrant, officers and detectives from GPD, the Westport Town Marshalls and Westport’s canine unit, Keno, traveled to the family housing complex to execute the warrant. The presence of several children was noted outside the apartment.

When both Reed and Sweet failed to answer the door, it was kicked in by officers, according to a police report summarizing the case. The residence was quickly secured and law enforcement officials located Sweet hiding in her son’s bedroom. In the master bedroom, officers found suspects Amanda Coomer, 26, and Jason Barnard, 41. Reed was located in the bathroom of the apartment. All suspects were secured in handcuffs and moved to the living room during the search and Reed was informed there was an arrest warrant for him related to a previous theft charge. All were then transferred to the Decatur County Jail without incident, according to a press release from the Greensburg Police Department received by the Daily News Tuesday.

The search turned up a number of illegal items in the residence. Coomer allegedly had two syringes, two spoons and a knife in her possession. Also in the master bedroom, between the mattress and box spring, was a plastic container holding what field tests identified to be methamphetamines. Digital scales covered in methamphetamine residue, a tourniquet and a plastic pill crusher containing a white residue were also discovered. The toilet where Reed was found appeared to have just been flushed and no evidence was located there. Officers observed a camera mounted to record any movement at the front door. The camera was removed and collected as evidence.

In an interview at the jail, Sweet acknowledged that she is in a relationship with Reed and that he lived in her apartment, though his name is not on the lease. Sweet denied any knowledge of methamphetamines in the residence. Though she admitted to using drugs at her previous apartment, she denied using them at her Tree City Estates home.

Coomer stated during her interview that she arrived at Sweet’s apartment with Barnard. She went on to say that the syringes, spoons and knife were on a table in the master bedroom when she arrived and she picked them up when police entered the residence. Coomer added that she was in a relationship with Barnard and the two of them visited Sweet’s residence to see if Reed wanted to buy boxes of cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine because they had no money. She also allegedly stated that if methamphetamines had been offered to her, she would have used them.

Reed denied any knowledge of methamphetamines being in the apartment, though he stated in a later interview that he knew Coomer had methamphetamines on her person when she arrived. He said Coomer and Barnard came to Sweet’s apartment to visit and so Coomer could “do her thing,” possibly referring to the use of drugs.

Reed stated that Coomer had the syringes on her person upon arrival and that she brought the methamphetamines with her. In a recorded jail phone call, Reed allegedly stated that he was in the bathroom getting rid of the drugs he had when police entered the residence with the search warrant. He added that he had no idea how the methamphetamines ended up between the mattress and box spring of the bed he and Sweet share. He again said that the drugs must belong to Coomer or Barnard and added that the two are in a relationship.

Barnard began his interview by stating he was only in the apartment for three minutes before police arrived. Officers told Barnard that the footage from the camera outside Sweet’s door had been reviewed and they knew his statement was a lie. Barnard then claimed to be living in the same apartment complex and that he and Coomer were hailed by Reed to come visit. He stated that he had no intention of using methamphetamine at Sweet’s residence. Barnard also said he had no idea why Coomer would say they were there to sell cold medicine. When asked about the syringes, Barnard allegedly rolled up his sleeves to show that he didn’t use needles to inject drugs, but said that Coomer did. He also stated that he is not in a relationship with Coomer, according to information obtained from the police report.

All four suspects are being held at the Decatur County Jail without bond. Wendy Sweet faces charges of possession of methamphetamines, a felony, and maintaining a common nuisance, a misdemeanor. Quentin Reed was charged with possession of methamphetamines, maintaining a common nuisance, and a previous unrelated theft charge. Jason Barnard has been charged with visiting a common nuisance, a misdemeanor. Amanda Coomer faces charges of possession of a syringe, a felony, and visiting a common nuisance, a misdemeanor.

Via a press release, the GPD thanked the community’s efforts in helping police make the arrest. They also offered thanks for a donation from the Community Action Coalition that allowed for the purchase of “advanced intelligence collecting technology.”

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