Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

November 19, 2012

"Nerds" gather food for Bread of LIfe

Tess Rowing
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — Hailing from Waldron and Cincinnati, Ohio respectively, David Sly and John Clark stood outside Walmart Saturday to gather food for Bread of Life.

Sly, an employee for Nerds on Site, has held the drive before. Normally called “Fill the Beetle, Feed the People,” Sly decided to have a change of scenery this time.

“We’re doing real good this morning,” said Sly, gesturing to the mostly-filled trunk of Nerds on Site’s red Volkswagen Beetle.

The nerds were only 40 minutes into their food drive which lasted until 3 p.m.

Nerds on Site officially celebrated their new location with a ribbon cutting prior to the food drive.

The titular "nerds" are located in Waldron. They opened for business in June.

Nerds on Site is a global company which largely works with small companies’ computer technology and also private homes.

Being part of a global company, said Sly, allows for a large pool of talent with different skills.

Sly hopes that the food drive will help put the new business in good standing with the community, and also hoped that lots of food and money were gathered for Bread of Life.

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