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January 28, 2013

YMCA Duathlon eases winter doldrums

Rob Cox
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — Saturday morning, the Decatur County Family YMCA staged an indoor Duathlon.

The event, organized by YMCA Group Exercise Director Deena Hamer as a traditional-type event, saw participants run 10 minutes on a treadmill, followed by 20 minutes on a stationary bike, with 10 more minutes on the treadmill to complete the event.

Hamer said the event benefits participants in many ways. For one, it provides people with a chance to “challenge their fitness levels” while providing an “opportunity to train indoors when the weather is bad outside.”

“For some,” Hamer added, “events like our Duathlon and our upcoming Triathlon on Feb. 23, offer participants an opportunity to challenge themselves; a chance to try something they’ve never done before and didn’t think they could do. Our hope is that many — if not all — will discover they can not only successfully participate, but do well.”

“We want to show everyone,” she continued, “that, if you put forth a little effort, you can accomplish most anything you want.”

Additionally, events such as the Duathlon and the upcoming Triathlon offer great cross training, Hamer added. Such events also offer a chance for regular gym-goers to mix up their workouts.

“Some people come to the gym regularly, but do the same thing all the time,” the coordinator explained. “The body needs variety; it needs to have things shaken up from time to time so that it doesn’t get too comfortable.”

Events like the Duathlon, she continued, are a great way to get that variety. Duathlon and Triathlon participants are compelled to set goals for themselves and regularly train to reach those goals, thereby effecting deviation from normal routines.

Hamer welcomed anyone interested to register now for the Feb. 23 Triathlon.

“Come in and start setting your goals now,” she said. “You’ve got almost a month to train for this event. That’ll be plenty of time to train in our pool, while mixing up your cardiovascular routine on the bike and treadmill.”

The Decatur County Family YMCA Indoor Triathlon starts at 8 a.m., Feb. 23. Participants may register on the day of the event starting at 7:30 a.m.

The event itself, according to Hamer, will consist of a 10-minute swim, followed by 10-minute transition to the stationary bikes in the wellness center and 15 minutes of riding. After the biking, a three-minute transition will be followed a 15-minute walk and/or run on the treadmill. Trophy’s and metals will be awarded. The cost is $15 without a shirt, $20 with a shirt if registered by Feb. 19, and $25 the day of the event.

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