Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

December 14, 2012

Man wins Batesville and Greensburg Christmas Cash contests

Tess Rowing
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — Doug Fredrick has won both the Daily News  Christmas Cash challenge as well as that of the Batesville Herald-Tribune's.

On Tuesday night, Doug searched in the park by the library based on a clue which directed the Batesville man to "a public place on 46".

He checked the park by the airport, and eventually the park by the library. There, he noted the new walking trails and searched along the trails.

He didn t find anything Tuesday, but the next night he returned and found the prize stapled to the underside of a bench.

"There were not a lot of places to hide (it)," Doug said. He explained that he knew the area pretty well despite living in Batesville.

This time he did not have the help of his daughter, who was in school at the time, and who had scoured Batesville with Doug to search for the first prize.

Doug said that his family participates in a game called “Geocaching,” a kind of online treasure hunt. Having treasure-hunting experience helped in locating the Christmas Cash, Frederick said.

"It was fun. I appreciate the Daily News putting it on," said the accomplished treasure hunter, and he added that having fun with the puzzles was part of what helped him find the cash so quickly.

Doug Frederick plans on using the winnings to buy this year s Christmas presents, and any remaining money will go to a couple of charities in Batesville and Greensburg.

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