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August 29, 2012

Club Chatter 082912

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Greensburg — St. Maurice Community Extension Homemakers

The St. Maurice Community Extension Homemakers held their August meeting at McCamment's Inn. All nine members attended as well as six guests. We all enjoyed a delicious meal and visiting. We had a short meeting after dinner with the Night Club to make plans for Women Just Want To Have Day Oct. 27 at the Extension Office.

We took a picture of the club members for the 100th anniversary of Extension Homemakers. Each club is to turn in a picture to the county. We had seven members who helped in some way at the fair.

Several members helped stuff puppy pillows. We stuffed and sewed 82 pillows Sunday night when we were watching the building.

Rita Hellmich was in  charge of the Make It and Take It craft. She showed how make a bow, and she also helped check in exhibits and also release them. Rosie also helped with the puppy pillows.

The club had several exhibits at the fair. Eileen thanked the club for all their help at the fair.

The next club meeting will be at 7 p.m. Sept. 6 at the home of Evelyn Dramer. Members are to bring items of various Extension Homemakers lessons and pictures to be put on display at the Historical Society in October.

Everyone was reminded of Achievement night Oct. 4.

Linger Awhile Homemakers Club

The Linger Awhile Homemakers Club met at 7 p.m. Aug. 22 at the home of Paulette Duerstock for their regular monthly meeting.

A group picture was taken of our club for the Decatur County Extension Homemakers 100th anniversary display.

President Diann Reisman opened the meeting with the Club Creed and Pledge to the Flag. For devotions, Paulette read a poem entitled "Life's Canvas" by Frances Culp Wolfe.

Theresa Ripperger gave the thought of the month: "Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation." Eight members answered roll call by telling about a State Fair memory. Minutes of the July meeting were read and approved and Rosemary Schroeder gave the Treasurer's report.

Diann attended the Aug. 6 EH Council meeting and reported on checks presented to New Directions and Decatur County Hospice.

Also, individual clubs are encouraged to contribute items for the DCEH 100th anniversary display at the Decatur County Historical Society.

Paulette attended the Fall District Meeting at Vevay and gave her report on subjects discussed, including Home & Family Conference next June 12-14, 2013 which promises to be "unique, electrifying & memorable," the National Volunteer Outreach Network, and the Water Around the World Project as well as Cancer Research at Purdue University.

For health and safety, Irene Tebbe read excerpts from "The Power of Hugging," an article written by Wanda Lou Willis. She writes that hugs can convey more than words; comfort, caring, kindness, love, and they can lift your spirits. Studies have proven that hugs can lower our blood pressure and heart rate and reduce stress. A hug provides comfort and connection like nothing else. They certainly aid in relieving mental and emotional stress and just plain feel good.

Diann presented the lesson on Storm Preparedness.

Topics covered were severe thunderstorms and lightening, tornados, drought/extreme heat, extreme cold/snow, protecting your pets, as well as having a plan in place where your family is to meet following a disaster. Also, take pictures of your possessions and keep them with your important papers such as birth certificates, social security cards, marriage certificates, a will, Power of Attorney, insurance policies, car titles and property deeds, etc. in a fireproof safe.

For cultural arts, Paulette displayed a small child's sewing machine she received for Christmas more than 50 years ago when she was a child.

The winner of the 50/50 was Alberta McQueen. Our next meeting will be at the home of Irene Tebbe on Sept. 19 when the lesson will be "What Am I?" one of the fastest growing plants.

Modern Trends Home Extension Club

Modern Trends Home Extension Club met at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 21 at the home of Lucille Wenning, with 10 members present.

President Carol Firsich opened the meeting with members saying the Creed followed with the pledge to the flag.

Lucille had devotion, "Life's Journey," by Vie Chavieler. Ann Stagge led the members in singing the song of the month.

The thought was also read by Ann Stagge.

Marilyn Strasburger, Secretary, had roll call with members telling about a State Fair memory. One member mentioned that she had belonged to another club and that back then, clubs would pick a store on the square and then put a display in their window showing something about a lesson that they had learned during the year. This was a contest to win a trip to the State Fair, her club won first place and went to the State Fair and won first place again and a nice prize.

Mary Preble gave the Treasurer's report.

Bonnie Evans was presented with a high-heeled leopard skin shoe filled with quarters for her birthday and then everyone sang Happy birthday to her.

Money for Achievement Night dinner to be mailed to Janet Bedel by Sept. 18.

Each club to bring a five dollar door prize.

Discussion followed about table decorations for Achievement Night.

The Madison District Retreat that will be at Higher Grounds was discussed and there will be three members attending from our club.

Members brought items for the Historical Society that have been made from lessons over the years that will be displayed celebrating the Home Extension Anniversary.

Oct. 27 is the date for the WoMen Just Want to have fun many members interested in attending this.

September is our annual day to eat out and members are to meet at Jean Pratt's driveway at 11:50 a.m. to go to Shelbyville A Tour of Italy Restaurant.

Carol handed out the lessons for the coming year and members chose the lessons that they would be giving.

Everyone was asked to fill medicine bottles with loose change and these will be turned in by Feb. 13 and money will go to Cancer Endowment Fund, a statewide project.

Meeting closed with Club prayer and a word search was played. Everyone won a useful prize. Lucille served her glazed peach pie for desert. The evening was spent catching up on family news.

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