Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

July 25, 2012

Club Chatter: Fifty Extension Homemakers

Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — The Fifty Extension Homemakers met July 18 at the home of Linda Gommel.

Isabelle Royse called the meeting to order with everyone repeating the Creed followed by the Pledge. Linda gave devotions entitled "Prayer."  Mary Alice Smith read the Thought of the Month. Mary Marsh led us in singing "You're a Grand Old Flag." Ten members answered roll call by stating how we celebrated the Fourth of July. Baby Bethany Poisel was our guest. The secretary and treasurer reports were read and approved.

For Cultural Arts, Linda showed us her "quilt" plates, her IEHA sash with pins, and log cabin quilt squares for a quilt she is currently making.

Tonia Schofield, Viola Minning, Isabelle Royse, Helen Swango, Deloris Tays, Bertha Head, Linda Gommel, and Juanita Israel entered items at the Fair. Many of us also worked with project entry, judging, building watch, and other activities. Aug. 6 will be the next Council meeting. Aug. 22 will be Fall District Meeting in Switzerland County. Sept. 19 and 20 will be Fall Retreat; therefore, we will hold our club meeting one week later, Sept. 26.

We worked on program books for the coming year.  Our next meeting will be our picnic at 11:30 a.m.  Aug. 15, 11:30 at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

For health and safety, Tonia gave information about reactions to medicine combinations.  Juanita related about the TDaP shot which is recommended for anyone over 65 who will be around new babies or infants. Bertha gave information on identity theft of our credit cards through scanners that can read numbers through a purse or billfold. She showed us a specially made plastic cover,  aluminum foil wrap, or metal holder for card protection.

Everyone sang the Club Prayer followed by the lesson, "Taming the TV Monster," by Tonia . We were told that Americans watch too much TV Ñ up to nine years during a 65-year life.

We enjoyed cherry dessert, nuts, candy, and cheeseball with crackers while fellowshipping. Mary Alice and Mary Marsh won the door prizes.