Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

September 10, 2012

School Menus Sept. 10 to 14

Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — Good Shepherd Christian Academy

Monday - chicken and dumplings, mixed vegetables, whole wheat bread with

butter, Mandarin oranges, milk

Tuesday - cube steak, noodles, peas, who wheat dinner roll with butter, peaches, milk

Wednesday - Italian submarine, celery and carrot sticks with light ranch, roasted apples, milk

Thursday - BBQ pork chop, roasted potatoes, corn, pineapple tidbits, milk

Friday - baked chicken tenders, sweet potato, Romaine and spinach salad with light done right ranch, banana, milk

Greensburg Community Schools

Monday - sausage gravy and biscuits, tater tots, fresh fruit or juice, and milk

Tuesday - Salisbury steak, whole grain roll, mashed potato, steamed carrots, fresh fruit or juice, and milk

Wednesday - ham and cheese wrap, steamed broccoli, cinnamon cookie, fresh fruit or juice, and milk

Thursday - chicken nachos, refried beans, cherry tomatoes with dipping sauce, fresh fruit or juice, and milk

Friday -- meat ravioli, romaine and fresh spinach salad, breadstick, fresh fruit or juice, and milk

North Decatur Elementary

Line A

Monday - hot dog sandwich, baked beans, carrots with dip, peach crisp

Tuesday - chef salad with ham, soft pretzel, pineapple, oatmeal cake

Wednesday - chicken nuggets, baked potato, carrots, Jello

Thursday - pork rib sandwich, oven fries, baked beans, raisins

Friday - chili soup, PPJ sandwich, carrots with dip, apple

Line B

Monday - roasted cheese sandwich, California blend veggies, carrots with dip, peach crisp

Tuesday - ham and cheese sandwich, soft pretzel, corn, oatmeal cake

Wednesday - chicken nuggets, hash brown casserole, green beans, Jello

Thursday - hamburger sandwich, oven fries, corn, raisins

Friday - tomato soup, toasted cheese sandwich, carrots with dip, apple

North Decatur Junior/Senior High School

Grade ÒAÓ

Monday - Texas straw hat, lettuce, fiesta corn, applesauce, carrot cake milk

Tuesday - breakfast pizza, tri-taters, baked apples, milk

Wednesday - sloppy jo, smiles, California blend, peaches, cookies, milk

Thursday - burrito w/blanco cheese, lettuce, tater tots, apple, milk

Friday - loaded potato w/chili and cheese, broccoli, soft pretzel, Mandarin oranges, milk

Sandwich Line

Monday- mozzarella cheese sticks, green beans, fruit, milk

Tuesday mini chickens, fries, fruit, m ilk

Wednesday - BLT wraps, tater tots, mixed fruit, milk

Thursday - corn dog, fries, fruit, milk

Friday - pizzata, lettuce, fruit, milk

South Decatur Junior/Senior High School

Monday - hamburger, fixins, French Fries, cauliflower, fruit, salad, milk

Tuesday - Texas straw hat, tater tots, corn, lettuce, fruit, milk

Wednesday - popcorn chicken bowl, yeast roll, fruit, peanut butter, cookie, milk

Thursday - fiesta potato bowl/w BBQ or ranch chicken, black beans, peas, Jello cake, milk

Friday - boneless BBQ wings, cheesy potatoes, green beans, breadstick, fruit, milk

St. MaryÕs School

Monday - hot chicken sandwich, green beans, fruit cocktail or juice, milk

Tuesday - spaghetti w/meat sauce, buttered corn, pears or juice, bread stick, milk

Wednesday - meat loaf, augratin potatoes, peach or juice, white or whole wheat jelly bread, milk

Thursday - ham and cheese sandwich, oven French fries, pineapple or juice, pudding milk

Friday - grilled cheese sandwich, PB crackers, buttered peas, applesauce or juice, milk