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March 19, 2013

FCCLA students attend state conference

Greensburg Daily News

Indianapolis — Last week, 10 members of the South Decatur FCCLA attended the FCCLA State Conference at the Wyndam West Hotel in Indianapolis.

Sierra Moore, Allyson Johnson, and Darien Foster, grade 9, completed a group project on the Basics of FCCLA and received a silver rating.

Byron Haley, grade 10, completed a project on Dynamic Dating and received a gold rating.

Grant Veerkamp, grade 10, completed an individual project on Early Childhood: Healthy Snack, gold rating, and completed a group project called Eco, with Chelsi Gilbert, receiving a gold rating.

Chelsi Gilbert, grade 12, competed in many events, Healthy Choices = Healthy Teens, receiving a gold, FCCLA in Action, receiving a silver, SMILE, receiving a bronze, Dynamic Dating, gold, Beyond the Basics, gold and Focus on the Basics, receiving a gold.

Some of our members went above and beyond and competed in Star events. In a Star event, students use the skills and strengths that they learn in FCCLA to come up with a project and present their ideas in front of a panel of judges. Patsy Valencia, grade 12, competed in Life Event Planning. She had to come up with an event to host, form a plan, make a budget, set a goal, and take action in making this event a reality. Patsy received silver in this event. Shelby Payne, Brandi Short, and Olivia Rigby, grade 11, competed in Interior Design, they had to form a plan, a budget, and meet their clients’ needs.

The girls received a silver rating. Grant Veerkamp competed in Recycle and Redesign. He had to use things that are recycled and make them into a new product. Grant received gold.

Chelsi Gilbert competed in Entrepreneurship. She had to use her FCCLA leadership skills to come up with a business, know how to manage it, and create a budget that is going to be successful.

Chelsi received gold in this event.

With Veerkamp and Gilbert receiving gold ratings on their Star events they qualified to compete in Nationals this summer in Nashville, Tenn.

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