Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, IN

January 2, 2013

2013 to be busy for County Commissioners

Rob Cox
Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — In a brief interview with the Daily News Wednesday night, Rick Nobbe — current president of the Decatur County Commissioners — provided a rough outline of the Commissioners’ 2013 agenda.

Nobbe, who was re-elected in November, also hit some of 2012’s highlights.

Nobbe became president at the beginning of 2012, but was uncertain if he might serve another term in 2013.

A second consecutive term wouldn’t be unprecedented, he said, adding that current Commissioner Jerome Buening has served two consecutive terms as president during his tenure.

“That will be decided at our first 2013 meeting on Jan. 7,” he said.

Nobbe anticipates the Commissioners working closely with the Greensburg-Decatur County Economic Development Corporation in 2013 to help stimulate the local economy, thereby helping generate jobs and enabling local businesses to thrive.

He said that he’s particularly proud of the work accomplished in 2012 by the county Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

Decatur County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Rob Duckworth accepted a permanent position as the agency’s part-time director this past summer after serving on an interim basis for nearly a year.

Nobbe praised Duckworth’s performance, saying that, under the Lt.’s guidance, the EMA has become a much more cohesive and efficient.

“I can’t praise Lt. Duckworth’s performance enough,” Nobbe said.

Under Duckworth’s leadership, the Commissioner continued, city and county emergency responders have been working closely together, making the agency able to respond to emergencies and disasters more quickly and efficiently.

Nobbe also anticipates that the County Commissioners will continue working closely with Duckworth and the EMA in 2013 to further improve the agency and its ability to respond to emergencies.

On a related note, Nobbe expressed satisfaction that the Commissioners had helped the county’s EMS department purchase two new ambulances in 2012.

Besides providing the city and county with a new vehicle, the upgrade also allows the county to expand its coverage.

County EMS Director Doug Banks told the Daily News in December that the two older vehicles replaced by the upgrades are being deployed into Westport and Clarksburg, providing the ability for quicker emergency response times to those outlying areas.

Nobbe also anticipates significant process on the ongoing Letts Fire Department rebuilding process in 2012.

The project is currently in the grant stages, but Nobbe said he wouldn’t be surprised to see it completed before the end of 2013. He cautioned, however, that a number of unknowns and variables make a specific time line on such a project difficult predict.

Nobbe also praised the Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission Regional Planning Commission and its work to rebuild or remodel a number of homes in Decatur County belonging to low-income residents.

That project will assist 25 homeowners, Nobbe said, all through local contractors and businesses.

Nobbe praised County Highway Superintendent Mark Mohr, as well.

“As part of my job,” he said, “I travel a lot throughout the county. I’ll tell you, our roads are second to none. We have excellent county roadways and snow removal.”

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