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June 12, 2013

Tiger Sharks dominate Hidden Valley

Greensburg Daily News

— The Decatur County Tiger Sharks, in affiliation with the Decatur County Parks and Recreation, competed in their second meet of the season Monday night. The Tiger Sharks absolutely dominated the pool en route to a 1120-586 defeat of Hidden Valley.

Head coach Josh Hawkins said there were several outstanding performances on the evening, including a couple of team records. The 12&U girls Medley Relay consisting of Becky Pfeifer, Valerie Busto, Kennedy Hanna, and Molli Hurley broke a long-standing record of 2:24.86 by going 2:22.78 and the Womens 18&U 200 Free Relay of Molly Oesterling, Morgan Stagge, Abby Bausback, and Bri Stagge broke the former record of 1:52.12 by going 1:51.43.

“This program has been in existence since the early 1970’s, so it’s noteworthy when a record gets broken, meaning these swimmers just swam faster than anyone in 40+ years in this program. That’s impressive,” said Hawkins.

The Tiger Sharks started the night strong by sweeping the Girls 200 Free, with Bri Stagge, Molly Oesterling, and Abby Bausback. The Boys 200 yard Free went 1-2, with Nick Oesterling, and Brady Niles.

In Medley relay action (a relay consisting of 1 swimmer swimming backstroke, another breaststroke, another butterfly, and the last freestyle) the Girls 8&U 100 Yard Medley Relay won with Paige Gauck, Emarie Jackson, Lilly Hellmich, & Lydia Balser. The Boys 8&U Medley Relay also won by Jonathan Hunt, Jacob Koontz, Jacob Hawkins, & Jonah Hellmich. The Girls 10&U 200 Yard Medley Relay won with Morgan Bottoms, Brenner Hanna, Katie McLean, & Sophie Taylor. Also winning in the Girls 12&U 200 Yard Medley Relay was Becky Pfeifer, Valerie Busto, Kennedy Hanna, & Molli Hurley. Other Relay wins were as follows: Boys 12&U 200 Yard Relay of Adam Hollowell, Brady Hahn, Joshua Sawyers, & Justin Allgeier, 14&U Medley Relay of Bailey Menkedick, Emily Eberhardt, Kara Niles, & Elaine Welage, Women 18&U Medley Relay of Morgan Stagge, Molly Oesterling, Abby Bausback, & Bri Stagge, and the Men 18&U 200 yard Medley Relay of Spencer Kuehl, Drew Reiger, Nick Oesterling, & Brady Niles.

In the individual events, the Tiger Sharks had the following winners:

Girls 6&U 25 Yard Freestyle was Lauren Richards. Boys 6&U Free went 1-2 Hawkins & J. Hellmich. Girls 10&U 50 Yard Free had a sweep, Taylor, R. Koontz, & B. Hanna. Boys 10&U 50 Free was Grayson Hellmich. Girls 12&U 50 Yard Free went 1-2 with Busto, & Pfeifer. Boys 12&U 50 Free also went 1-2 with Eric Lowe, & J. Allgeier. Girls 14&U 50 Free went 1-2 which was Niles, & Eberhardt. Men 18&U 50 Yard Free was Niles & Kuehl.

6&U 25 Yard Breast was Jacob Hawkins. Girls 8&U 25 Yard Breast went 1-2-3 by Gauck, Jackson, & Hellmich. Boys 8&U 25 Yard Breast was Stephan Allgeier. Girls 10&U 50 Yard Breast went 1-2 with McLean, & Hanna. Girls 14&U 100 Yard Breast was Emily Eberhardt. Boys 14&U 100 Yard Breast was Cameron DeWeese. Women 18&U 100 Yard Breast went 1-2-3 with swimmers Oesterling, McDole, & Duerstock. Men 18&U 100 Yard Breast went 1-2 with Niles, & Reiger.

Girls 6&U 25 Yard Back was Lauren Richards. Boys 6&U 25 Yard Back went 1-2 with Hawkins & Hellmich. Boys 8&U 26 Yard Back went 1-2 with Allgeier & Hunt. Girls 10&U Back went 1-2-3 with Taylor, Hostetler, & Bottoms. Boys 10&U 50 Yard Back was Jacob Stuart. Girls 12&U 50 Yard Back went 1-2 with Menkedick, & Hanna. Boys 12&U Back went 1-2-3 with swimmers Allgeier, Lowe, & Sawyers. Girls 14&U 100 Yard Back went 1-2-3 with swimmers Busto, Pfeifer, & Lowe. Boys 14&U 100 Yard Back went 1-2 with Stuart & DeWeese. Women 18&U 100 Yard Back also went 1-2-3 with swimmers Bausback, Stagge, & Martinez. Men 18&U 100 Yard Back went 1-2 with Oesterling, & Kuehl.

Mixed 6&U 25 Yard Fly was Jacob Hawkins. Girls 10&U 50 Yard Fly went 1-2 with McLean & Koontz. Boys 10&U 50 Yard Fly was Stuart. Boys 12&U 50 Yard Fly went 1-2-3 with swimmers Sawyers, Allgeier, & Hollowell. Girls 14&U 100 Yard Fly was Kara Niles. Boys 14&U Fly was Cameron DeWeese. Women 18&U Fly went 1-2-3 with swimmers Bausback, McDole, & Martinez. Men 18&U Fly went 1-2 with Oesterling, & Reiger.

Girls 10&U Free actually went 1-7 with swimmers McLean, Taylor, Koontz, B. Hanna, M. Bottoms, K. Hostetler, & Sarah Springmeyer. Boys 10&U Free was Stuart. Boys 12&U Free went 1-2-3 with swimmers Lowe, Hollowell, & Hunt. Girls 14&U Free went 1-2 with Eberhardt, & Niles. Women 18&U Free went 1-2 with Stagge & Springmeyer. Men 18&U Free also went 1-2 with Niles, & Kuehl.

Girls 10&U IM went 1-2-3 with swimmers, McLean, Koontz, & Lowe. Boys 10&U IM was Jacob Stuart. Girls 14&U IM went 1-2-3 with Eberhardt, Niles, & Welage. Boys 14&U IM was Luke Stuart. Women 18&U IM went 1-2-3 with Oesterling, Stagge, & McDole. Mens 18&U IM was Nick Oesterling.

Girls 8&U Free Relay was Jackson, Balser, Gauck, & Hellmich. Boys 8&U Free Relay went Hawkins, Allgeier, Hunt, & Koontz. Girls 10&U Free Relay went McLean, Koontz, Hostetler, & Taylor. Boys 10&U Free Relay went Hellmich, Cathey, Menkedick, & Kramer. Girls 12&U Free Relay went Pfeifer, Reiger, Menkedick, & Busto. Boys 12&U Free Relay was Allgeier, Hahn, Sawyers, and Lowe. Girls 14&U Free Relay was Niles, Welage, Lowe, & Eberhardt. Women 18&U 200 Free Relay went Oesterling, Stagge, Bausback, & Stagge. Men 18&U Free Relay went Oesterling, Reiger, Kuehl, Niles.

“It’s really a lot of fun watching these kids swim and improve just about every time they get in the pool,” said Coach Hawkins. “One reason we see tremendous improvement is because we are really fortunate to have some great assistant coaches that pour tons of time and energy into our program and swimmers.”

Hawkins is joined on the pool deck by Tammie Slagle and Hawkins’ wife, Amy.

Slagle, the aquatics director at the YMCA, “brings great experience in teaching young children how to swim and does a great job with our younger, less experienced swimmers,” said Hawkins. “Amy started competitive swimming when she was 7 years old and has been coaching in various capacities since 1998, so she has lots and lots of experience and does an amazing job with all of our swimmers, both young and old.”

The Tiger Sharks are back in action next Monday when they travel to Batesville. If anyone would like more information regarding our program or Greensburg swimming in general, please contact coach Josh at