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May 3, 2013

Pirate junior high track splits against Shelbyville

Greensburg Daily News

Greensburg — The Greensburg junior high track teams competed well in their first home meet of the season running against Shelbyville. The teams were split with the girls winning 77.5–35.5, and the boys with losing their first meet this year, 54–60.

Girls’ Varsity results

On the girls’ side, Greensburg Varsity focused well and was ready for competition. They swept 3 events winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd in 800 meter, Shot Put and High Jump. In the hurdles, 2. Bailey Meyer :17.96 with sister Ashlynn Meyer in third with :18.05.  100m 3. Tess Luers with :14.55. 1600 and 800m Haleigh Reed came in first in both with 5:40.3 and 2:39.48, respectively. Cameron Jones came in second place in both 1600 and 800m. Morgan Winkler came in third in the 800m. Rylie Smith came in second with 13’ 6” in the long jump. The Meyer twins came in 1 and 2 in the 400m with Bailey finishing with 1:06.06 and Ashlynn with 1:07.64.

In the 200m Rylie Smith finished first with 29.49 and second was Ashlynn Meyer with 29.63. Shot put all places were clinched with Keirsten Lynette winning with 30-08, Sydney Meyer, second with 29-10 and Gabby Burton third with 27-03. Discus, Lynnette top winner with 86-01 and Meyer with 79-0. Elaine Welage dominated high jump, winning with 4-02 and Kirstin Hersley with 4-0 Emma Hellmich was third with a tie for 3-10.

Pole vault was 2nd place to Ellie Kramer with 6-0. For the relays, the 4x200 relay: Kayla Davis, Ashley Bower, Ashlynn Meyer, Bailey Meyer came in first with 2:02.97. The 4x400 relay was won with 4:45.38, team of April Morrow, Cameron Jones, Bailey Meyer, and Hailey Reed.

Girls’ Reserve results (only recorded stats)

Hurdles, 1. Kalya Davis, 2. Alexis Bidwell, 3. Logan Hamer.

100M, 1. Kylie Catron,2.  April Morrow, 3. Mikayla Markand.

400m, 1. Logan Hamer, 2. Tess Luers, 3. Haylie Ott.

800m, 1. Cathy Newhart, 2. Montana Whitaker, 3. Adrienne Horan.

1600m 1. Cathy Newhart, 2. Claire Dennett, 3. Kirsten Fong.

4x400 Relay, team of Haylie Ott, Adrienne Horan, Cathy Newhart, Allie Reisman.

200m, 1. Kylie Catron, 2. April Morrow, 3. Alexis Bidwell.

Shot Put, 1. Krista Bauer, Kailee Kidd, Haylie Burton.

Discus, 1. Taylor Klene, Krista Bauer, Madison Fields.

High Jump, 1. Abby Scheumann.

Long Jump, 1. Montana Whitaker, 2. Paige Brogan, 3. Simone O’mara.

Boys Varsity results

There was tough competition in the meet against Shelbyville. The boys’ swept discus but that was not enough to overcome the Bears. According to coach Sue Burkhart, the team worked very hard though and came out of the loss even more focused for the next meet. In the hurdles, Dylan Barber came in second with 19.30. 100m, 2. Ares Merritt with 12.31, 3. Jadrian Woods, 12.63.

Greg Schroeder won both 1600m and 800m with 5:11.0 and 2:14.6, respectively. Reid McClintic captured 3rd in both 1600m and 800m. High Jump 2. Luke Lozier with 5-03 and Dylan Barber with 5-01. Dylan Barber placed 1st in the 400m with 1:00.20. 200m, 2 Jadrian Woods, 25.93 and 3. Ares Merritt,  26 49.

Shot Put, 2. Harlan Dolan 37-07, 3. Jessie Hunter, 36-09. Discus 1. Landon Diekhoff, 100-07, Thomas Stevens, 99-03”, 3. Dylan Cain, 95-03. Long jump, Greg Schroeder was third with 15-03.

Boys Reserve results (only recorded stats)


100m. 1. Joey Woods, 2. Kyle Shaver, 3. Kyle Norton.

400m, 1. Blaine Schroeder, 2. Nicholas Zapfe.

800m, 1. Eric Fisse, 2. Evan Gindling, 3. Trevor Foster.

200m, 1. Allan Koester, 2. Kyle Shaver, 3. Dustin Harrelson.

Shot Put, 1. Kage Balser, 2. Clay Hunger, 3. Cole Carder.

Discus, 1. Cody Bauer, 2. Kage Balser, 3. Bryce Lang.

Long Jump, 1. Skylar Cordray, 2. Joey Woods, 3. Kyle Shaver.

High Jump, 1. Louis Moore, 2. Sam Slusher, 3. Tie Jadrian Woods, and Harlan Dolan.

Pole Vault. 1. Chase Hogg.

4x400 relay, Kyran Luken, Eric Fisse, Nicholas Zapfe, and Trevor Foster.

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