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Charter fishing industry experts in southeast Alaska say they're eager to learn the cause of a tragedy that left five people dead or lost at sea. A boat called the Awakin was found partially submerged off an island about 10 miles west of Sitka last Sunday. Efforts to recover the vessel have been hampered by rough seas. A salvage company is hoping to try again Saturday. Richard Yamada from the Alaska Charter Association says he can't remember any other fatal accident in Alaska's charter industry. He says he and others are hoping to learn what happened.

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Two passenger trains have derailed in India, killing more than 230 people and trapping hundreds of others inside more than a dozen damaged rail cars. The accident, which happened Friday night about 137 miles southwest of Kolkata, created a chaotic scene of twisted wreckage as rescue teams desperately tried to free passengers and recover bodies. The cause was under investigation. The death toll rose steadily throughout the night. As dawn approached on Saturday, the top administrative official in the eastern state of Odisha said that at least 233 people were dead. He also said that about 900 people were injured in the accident.

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Kaija Saariaho, who wrote acclaimed works that made her the among the most prominent composers of the 21st century, has died. She was 70. Saariaho's family says in a statement posted on her Facebook page that she died at her apartment in Paris. She had been diagnosed in February 2021 with an aggressive and incurable brain tumor. Her “L’Amour de Loin” premiered at the Salzburg Festival in 2000 and made its U.S. debut at Santa Fe two years later. In 2016, it became the first staged work by a female composer at the Metropolitan Opera since Ethel M. Smyth’s “Der Wald” in 1903.