RUSHVILLE — Anderson Police Detective and former Chief of Police Larry Crenshaw is dead following an attack by hornets in Franklin County.

According to a news release from Rush County Coroner Ron Jarman, at approximately 3:27 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 4, he received a call from Rush County Dispatch about a death at Rush Memorial Hospital.

The deceased was Crenshaw, 59, of Anderson.

The release states that Crenshaw was with a friend, Darryl Caudill, taking down tree stands when they were attacked by numerous hornets.

Crenshaw was stung more than 40 times and shortly after began to have issues with shortness of breath and collapsed in the woods.

Caudill went for help as the two men did not have a cell phone with them. Caudill made his way to 7051 Pipe Creek Road, Metamora, and called 911.

Bystanders then went back with Caudill to help get Crenshaw out of the woods.

Crenshaw was transferred from 7051 Pipe Creek Road to Rush Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced deceased a short time after arrival.

The cause of death is listed as acute myocardial infarction due to anaphylactic shock and the manner of death listed as accidental.

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