Wesseler, Sophie

Sophie Wesseler

Sophie Wesseler

Sophie Wesseler’s advice for freshmen is “be open. Try new things — now’s the time. When you find good people, stick with them. Spend time with your family because you’ll only be home with them for a bit longer. And support your friends. High school can be rough and we as teens can be randomly dramatic, but stick by your friends and you’ll be all right.”

The daughter of Neil and Carrie Wesseler, Batesville, who has two siblings, Josie, 21; and Donovan, 12, says the COVID-19 pandemic has changed her plans for her senior year at Oldenburg Academy. “It’s taken away some of the things I’ve looked forward to most, the memories of my senior prom, my graduation, our graduation parties, senior lunch and special senior privileges. After years and years of dancing, I don’t get to perform in my final concert and get recognized as a departing senior. I don’t get the chance to say goodbye to my friends the way I was expecting to. Even my 18th birthday is looking much different than how I expected it would. I had a lot of plans, and a lot of plans that were supposed to give me closure for the life I’ve lived thus far, but they were taken away in just a week. It’s been a really hard adjustment, but it has also made me search for silver linings and appreciate things I typically overlook in my normally busy schedule.”

Looking to the future, the St. Louis Catholic Church, Batesville, member plans “to attend college at Bellarmine University. I plan to major — at this point in time — in communications with an emphasis on graphic design and a supplementary major of design, arts and technology .... I want to go into graphic design. I’m not sure where that’ll take me, but that’s where I’m aiming at the moment. I’ve always loved art, and I can get wrapped up in my design projects for hours without realizing any time has passed at all. I figured I’d better make a career out of it when I have the chance.”

All about me: I’m a procrastinating perfectionist doing her best.

Favorite OA courses: I have found a creative voice in the art classes I’ve taken during high school and a passion for expression. I took theater classes freshman and sophomore years, and they’ve led to some amazing memories. Advanced placement language was a class I’d always looked forward to. We would read articles and books or short stories and discuss them, debate the topics and controversies they brought up. Our discussions forced us to think about other people complexly, as human beings with individual lives in our society.

Best extracurriculars: Drama Club will always be my favorite school activity. I found a part of myself onstage that I didn’t even know existed, and the memories I made backstage will always be my favorite. I found a home in the music building my freshman year that has only grown throughout the rest of my time in high school. And that’s also why my second favorite high school activity was Academy Singers. Although it required getting up early, I got to start my mornings out with music and fun people.

Other activities: Girl Scouts, National Honor Society, TriForce Mission Team, OA Dance Club (student president, two years), SEI Dance (teaching assistant, two years), OA Drama Club (student choreographer and backdrop designer, three years each; lights programmer, two years; student director and stage manager, one year each), OA Art Club, Academy Ambassadors, Adopt-a-Sis, St. Louis High School Youth Group, Campus Ministry and Academic Team

Greatest accomplishments: This might sound cliché, but getting through it. I’m still here, and that’s impressive enough .... Also, getting the lead role in my all-time favorite musical senior year was such an amazing experience.

Postsecondary awards: Lilly Scholarship Finalist, Monsignor Horrigan Scholarship, Bellarmine Trustee Scholarship, Knights of Honor Award

Part-time job: I’ve helped out at Carriage House Antiques for over a year now, and it is the best job I have ever had. Not only did I get free scoops of the best ice cream I’ve ever had, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the nicest, most kind-hearted people I have ever met.

Hobbies: I love to dance, and that’s what I’d rather be doing most of the time, especially during calculus. Otherwise, I love the typical hobbies: reading, watching “Gilmore Girls,” doodling in the margins of my homework instead of doing it and, most importantly, spending time with my friends.

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