New business features CBD products

Photo provided | CBD Med Labs is now open at 128 W. North Street, Greensburg.

GREENSBURG – A new business has opened at 128 W. North Street: CBD Med Labs.

Owner Mike Moscato said he is introducing a way for all of us to feel better.

"CBD cannabidiol is first introduced to us in breast milk from our mothers," Moscato said. "In our bodies, we make our own naturally, but not enough to keep up with today's life pressures. CBD is also in chocolate and gives us that nice feeling when we're enjoying it. This is why, when we are hurting we go right to the chocolate ice cream. The CBD that is in chocolate is what our body really wants."

Moscato said he doesn't recommend eating chocolate every day, but noted you don't have to in order to still enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Cannibidiol is made from American and European hemp plants and boosts the body's regenerative systems, he said.

"My body has the ability to heal itself and yours does as well, but as we have much more exposure to stress, anxiety, pollution and injury our personal health and happiness suffer," he said.

CBD oil and treatments assist in creating balance in our systems and that can have very beneficial effects. This system balance is called homeostasis, Moscato said.

CBD is in use today for numerous conditions and afflictions.

"We have been achieving great results and we want to help you too," he said.

Moscato and other advocates say CBD helps people remain calm and claim it promotes healing and well-being.

"Ask your doctor, family and friends, chances are they know someone who is benefiting from CBD," Moscato said.

CBD Med Labs is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Call 812-662-4171 with questions.

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