Although Girl Scout Troop 403 is made up of younger Brownie Scouts, ranging in age from six to nine, together they pushed beyond their years to help a little girl.

For the second time, Troop 403 collected gifts to honor the first girl born at Decatur County Memorial Hospital on Oct. 31. This is not to make up for the new baby’s inability to go trick-or-treating. It’s done to commemorate the birthday of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of Girl Scouts of America, who was born on that day in 1860.

The group got the idea from a scout who transplanted from a troop in California. Last year was the first trial for the local troop. Now, the idea has caught on.

Both years, troop leader Teresa Scudder, and her assistant leaders Amy Scudder and Sarah Crain, challenged the girls to donate a $1 or $2 baby item. Although this is primarily a simple service project for the young scouts, there is a second aspect which helps them grow as individuals. When the girls bring their items to the troop meeting, each one must stand and tell the group why she chose the particular gift. It may be a simple reason, but it pushes the girls to speak in front of a group.

This year, Teresa said the girls chose a variety of useful items including baby wipes, a bottle brush, booties, a home-crocheted hat and a home-made blanket. The blanket, which was made by Teresa and her daughter, included pink ribbon detailing to further honor Low; who passed away of breast cancer in 1927.

“We got a lot of nice, useful things,” said Angela Wolferst, mother of the chosen girl.

Her little one weighed in at 10 pounds five ounces when she was delivered. Cayley Rachelle Wolferst took her time coming into this world. At eight days late, her mother was afraid she might try to hibernate for the winter. As it turned out, more members of the community than her family were waiting to welcome her. Angela said she was surprised when Teresa contacted her on Monday to let her know her first-born child would be the recipient of the troop’s gifts.

“It was delightful to know the girls wanted to help,” she said. “It was a sweet and special thing to do.”

The young scouts were not able to be present Wednesday when the basket was given to baby Cayley. In order for the young girl to remain healthy, it is important to protect her from the impending cold season. However, Angela said her little girl loves to look around and stared intently at Teresa when she came to the Wolfersts’ home; despite the fact Cayley was in the process of waking up from her nap. Angela said the gifts will prove helpful in the coming months as this new girl of Greensburg grows.

The gifts Cayley and her family received is the first service project of the school year for the troop. In December, the girls will be making Christmas ornaments with residents of a local nursing home.

“These projects teach them it’s better to give than to receive,” said Teresa.

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