Members of the rock band 650north: Josh Lohrum, Matt Schuerman, Andrew Vollmer and Chris Bultman.

What started out as a small garage band in a small town in Indiana is now on its way to the big time.

Rock band 650north, named for the road on which all of its member used to spend time as children and then started practicing, started out playing cover songs.

Now, the band is preparing to release their first CD.

Members include Matt Schuerman, 23, on vocals and guitars; Andrew Vollmer, 22, on guitar and vocals; Josh Lohrum, 22, drummer; and Chris Bultman, 22, on bass guitar.

The band has been together for a little more than four years. All of the members grew up close to one another, and all attended Jac-Cen-Del while spending much of their time in Greensburg. The group members were just friends at first, and in two separate bands. When the bands came together, the hits started coming.

The band recorded their new release in Nashville, Tenn., at Quad Studios. The CD, titled “Empty Drawer,” was produced by Chris Henry, who most recently performed the duties of assistant engineer on the newest Buck Cherry release. Also while in Tennessee, they worked with Kim Williams, the songwriter for Garth Brooks as well as Brooks' bassist, Mark Greenwood.

The record will have guest appearances on three tracks by Rami Jaffee, who is the original co-founder of the Wallflowers and the current keyboardist for the Foo Fighters. Jaffe actually left Massachusetts while performing with the Wallflowers to help 650north lay down tracks.

In addition to gaining a celebrity guest on their album, the band has, in the past, performed on stage with Guns 'n' Roses, Sebastian Bach, Ryan Cabrera, and Great White. The group recently opened for the popular up and coming band, Red.

In addition to rubbing elbows with famous names and bands, the group found inspiration in the grunge movement.

“I was influenced by groups like Green Day and Nirvana,” Schuerman said.

650north is predominantly a rock band.

“Their sound caters more towards a fresher 3 Doors Down and Foo Fighters sound, and in the same genre as Jimmy Eat World,” according to band manager Jerry Vollmer.

The sound was further described by the band members themselves.

“We really focus on vocal harmony, and we really try to feel out our songs and arrangements,” member Andrew Vollmer said.

“We don’t use profanity in our songs, so you can take our music home to mom,” Bultman added.

Their debut release is currently being pressed for packaging and will be available soon.

"The 10 month project has now gone to L.A. for mastering," guitarist Vollmer said.

Recording the album has not been the band's only focus. The group has a show coming up in April with famous indie rock group Dashboard Confessional in Evansville. Earlier than that, however, 650north is going to be kicking off its CD’s debut with a show at 10 p.m. Saturday at the Osgood Grub Company in Osgood. 650north will be performing there with other bands, including Sweet Dilemma and Virgin Millionaires.

Initially, the group signed a contract with an independent label under Warner Music Group in New York, Brooklyn Beat Records. Later, however, the band decided to break away from the label and pursue the album on their own. Recently, the band has signed with Breakout Records.

After the CD's release, the group will begin playing colleges and other venues, often performing with national acts.

Currently, they are readying to hire a publicist. The band looks forward to their debut release, and encourages those interested to see their show Saturday in Osgood.

For more information on the band and upcoming shows, those interested can visit them on the Web at

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