A watercolor painting by Judy Glore.

On April 4, the Art on the Square Fine Arts Gallery will officially open featuring the work of Judy Glore and Annie Smith.

Glore sees her watercolor paintings as a way to create her own world. As a student at John Herron Art School and a graduate student at Butler University, she studied oil painting. Down the road, she developed an allergy to the chemicals in the classic medium and stopped painting for quite some time.

In the early 1980’s, she picked up her brush once more when a watercolor class was offered. Initially, she spent significant time adjusting to the new medium and learning to control her strokes. As she developed, she began adding tissue paper and other materials into her process.

As she envisions her upcoming show, it is difficult to establish a single theme.

“My pieces are all different from each other, varying from realism to the abstract,” she noted.

One example she thinks of in describing her work is a piece she painted for her nephew as a wedding present. Because he lives in Nashville, Tenn., she wanted to create a musical piece. She had photographs she had taken at various musical events. She then synthesized a band using a banjo player from one photo and a guitar player from another.

Glore is excited for the upcoming show but most of all for the rebirth of an art gallery in Greensburg.

“It’ll be a great addition,” she said, “to give the community, as well as visitors, this sort of culture.”

Her paintings will be on display along with oil paintings by Annie Smith for the entire month of April. During that time, the gallery will be taking applications to rent out space to other area artists. Once a person has rented space, it will be theirs until they decide to abandon it. This means artwork can be on display for sale for as short or as long as a person wants to participate. In Madison, Glore has heard, the art gallery has a waiting list of artists hoping for space.

“It would be great for us to reach that point, too,” she said.

The gallery will also host an opening reception for the show from 4 - 7 p.m. on April 11.

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