OLDENBURG – Oldenburg Renewable Energy Commission (OREC) members will be staffing a booth at the 2019 Freudenfest Event in the Village of Spires July 19 and 20.

This all-volunteer study group created by the Oldenburg Town Council last fall will offer fun activities and game challenges for visitors to this popular event.

They hope to promote energy efficiency in Oldenburg and suggest ways residents can reduce Oldenburg’s carbon and ecological footprint so as to address the climate emergency facing all communities world-wide. Free LED light bulbs and other prizes will be available for booth visitors.

An interactive exhibit for all ages will demonstrate how renewable energy is generated. It will introduce the concepts of renewable energy as well as the language and units that are important as we transition from carbon energy. Visitors will gain a deeper understanding of volts, amps and watts and how these compare to horsepower and miles per gallon.

Visitors will also learn how to calculate their own carbon footprint and find ways to lessen their emissions. They can view slides/photos of solar energy systems installed recently in Oldenburg and the surrounding area. Some owners of these systems will be on hand to explain how they work and discuss economic benefits of going solar.

Booth visitors will also see videos of small towns in Germany similar to Oldenburg’s size that have already found ways to become carbon neutral.

Sponsors for the OREC booth include the Oldenburg Town Council, Sisters of St. Francis, SalesForce Company, Duke Energy and the REMC’s serving clients in our area and their parent company, Hoosier Energy. The REMC’s include Decatur County REMC, and Whitewater Valley REMC. All sponsors share OREC’s vision of a sustainable future on planet Earth.

Oldenburg residents and visitors will be invited to support the town’s LED street light upgrade project as a way to assist this community to lower its carbon footprint. Cash or check donations will be accepted at the booth, or mail checks payable to Town of Oldenburg to Cindy Laker, Oldenburg’s Clerk Treasurer, at “Town of Oldenburg, P.O. Box 65, Oldenburg, IN 47036.” Donors will be able to obtain a form at the booth to submit for tax-deduction purpose.

For a list of booth activities and links to resources visit OREC’s page on Oldenburg’s new website at https://www.oldenburgindiana.org/orec to learn about its members and see a photo of the group.

Several OREC members are actively involved in conducting a greenhouse gas emission inventory for the town and will make the results of that study available in September. They are participating in a statewide program headed by the Environmental Resilience Institute of Indiana University along with 13 other Indiana cities.

– Information provided